Chai Latte Click Frapp

~by Nikki

Chai. Once an exotic drink found mainly in Indian restaurants, now it seems EVERYONE makes in varying forms to suit every tea making skill level.

I myself own several variations of “chai mix.” I have some General Foods International Coffee Chai (I rarely use it. Too many calories and it takes a LOT to make my whole mug taste like chai). I have the individual components that make up Pam’s Protein Chai Tea (I love Pam, but I don’t use that often either. I have a mental block to pre-making protein mixes. Don’t ask why. There is no explanation.)

About a year or so ago, Jen sent me a bottle of Davinci sugar-free Chai Tea Concentrate. Well…that changed everything! It’s so easy to use. To make yourself a regular chai, you’d just warm up some milk, steep in your favorite herbal tea (preferably just a plain, flavor neutral variety) add the concentrate, some sweetener and you’re ready to go! (It is missing that wonderful concoction of spices that float atop traditional Chai but, not being the biggest fan of “floaties,” I can deal with that).

But, as I said last week, I am on a Click Frapp craze. Here’s the deal: Starbucks makes many Frappucino flavors…none of which are completely sugar-free therefore none completely safe for the sugar-dumper. My philosophy about healthy eating is that if you are to be successful, every poor eating choice has to be matched with a food choice of equal or greater yumminess. So it is my mission to invent as many Frapp recipes as I can, until I feel a bit less resentful about the Starbucks situation.

So here’s today’s recipe:

Nik’s Chai Latte Click Frapp
(with accompanying decaf variation)

1 c. milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
2-3 tbsp Davinci Chai Tea Concentrate (it is CONCENTRATE, so it is strong. I’d start with 2 and go from there)
1 scoop Click Vanilla Latte (for decaf drinkers, use 1 heaping tablespoon Cafe Bustelo decaffeinated instant espresso)
No-calorie sweetener to taste
5-6 cubes of ice

Optional: fat free whipped cream (aka “whippage”)


Make according to the Triple X method. Or not. Your choice!

This is yummmmy…

If you want a hot chai protein drink, I highly encourage you to check out Pam’s chai tea mix. The above can be made into a hot drink as well by mixing the both protein powders with room temperature water until a smooth paste forms THEN adding hot milk to that and stirring vigorously. It takes some practice, but you should end up with a smooth, lump free drink (and yes, hot protein drinks are still protein drinks. Heating them doesn’t destroy the protein!).

Chai Latte Click Frapp
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Chai Latte Click Frapp
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