Your All-Access Pass to OAC “Your Weight Matters” (#YWM2013) General Sessions!

I think I’ve decided I’m going to cover each session I attended as a separate blog post because there’s just too much information to try to fit it into daily recaps.

But I wanted to start off to linking you all to the general sessions that were web-casted live during the convention. These were powerful sessions that went into subjects that are on many of our hearts and minds! I’m going to post the video directly with a link to the video on YouTube. In addition, I HIGHLY advise you all to check out the Obesity Action Coalition YouTube Channel for more great stuff!

The Roller Coaster of Life: The Ups & Downs that Can Affect a Woman’s Weight
(Running Time: 50 min., 7 sec.)

My big take-away from this session is that there are many forces, that have nothing to do with self-control, that can affect a woman’s weight. While none of these are an excuse to “let ourselves go” (as the proverbial phrase reads) they are things we should take into account if we face challenges in our efforts to live a healthier life. We tend to internalize those challenges and blame ourselves, even for things over which we have no control!
Weighing Success Beyond the Scale: Identifying & Maintaining a Healthy Goal Weight
(Running Time: 50 min., 5 sec.)

I think this was an important message because we tend to think of a healthy lifestyle as a means (diet, exercise) to an end (ideal body/body weight). But sometimes our personal goals just aren’t that realistic and setting all our hopes on an unrealistic goal can be toxic. Some points that stood out from this one for me were:
  • It’s a myth that there is a “correct weight for your height.” There are many other factors at play.
  • People who exercise and eat the same do not lose the same! That is to say you can do everything right and so can the post-op next to you and you can get two different sets of results. Another compelling reason NOT TO COMPARE!
Understanding & Managing Food Addiction
(Running Time: 44 min., 9 sec.)
This was perhaps THE most affirming session for me. I am a food addict. And I don’t take that term lightly. Studies show that the very brains of food addicts work differently than those who do not suffer from food addiction. So as much as we all like to say “I am addicted to popsicles” or “I wish I could get addicted to the gym!” addiction is a very serious disease and this session goes over some animal research that gives us a greater glimpse into food/sugar addiction in particular. WARNING: If you identify yourself as a food addict some of this may hit home hard. Watch it in a space where you can react freely.

Watch this video directly on YouTube!

Teaming Up to Tackle Obesity (presentation after opening mix & mingle)
(Running Time: 1 hr., 53 mins., 53 sec.)

Corey Louchiey and James Thornton are both former NFL players who are personally battling obesity. In this session, which also includes their doctors, they talk about the struggles of overcoming obesity (James through bariatric surgery, Corey through traditional diet & exercise). What’s amazing to me about these two men is that they report not being particularly close until they started their journeys. Now they support each other through the up’s and down’s. I love that one method of weight loss was not put above the other. Both are valid choices!

Watch this video directly on YouTube!