Upcoming Travel – Obesity Help Conference and OAC “Your Weight Matters” Convention

(Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman)

Summer is generally a busy travel time for me, being “conference
season.” There are two coming up that I wanted to let you know about.
Obesity Help
(Click here for more information or to purchase tickets!)
When: August 15 – 16
Where: Manhattan Beach Marriott, Los Angeles, CA
What it is:
Obesity Help is a leading website that brings together
obesity practitioners (including bariatric surgical practices), plastic
surgeons and people who are trying to lose weight. I used to refer to it as “the
Facebook of weight-loss.” Each year the Obesity Help Conference brings together
specialists, as well as fellow post-ops, to speak on various subjects relevant
to the weight loss community. This year’s featured keynote speaker is Chef Graham Elliott of Master Chef, who himself had the Sleeve.
Where I’ll be:
Everywhere! Kidding (sorta). I’ll be presenting a session on
the 15th on the awkward situations we can face as post-ops. I’m
collecting stories about awkward situations so if you have one, be sure to addto my list! I’ll also be a part of a panel of weight-loss surgery graduates.
IMPORTANT: If you are coming to this event, I’ll also have
an exhibitor table on the 16th where I’ll be selling copies of The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes and The BariatricFoodie Breakfast Book. If you are coming and you already have copies, I’d
also love to write a special note of gratitude in yours, so bring it along! It’s
also my goal to take selfies with as many Foodies as human possible. So come
see me!
Lastly, if you are not attending, no worries! I’ll be sharing all my experiences on social media. Be sure to stay plugged into the Bariatric Foodie Facebook Page and follow Bariatric Foodie on Twitter. I’ll be using the hashtags #OH2014″ and “#FoodieNation” for my posts so you can follow those as well!
(Quick hashtag tutorial. Searching hashtags on Facebook/Twitter allows you to go to posts about specific subjects you’re interested in. In the above examples following those two hashtags would get you straight to my posts about the conference for Bariatric Foodie without having to go to my page or scroll through a bunch of non-relevant posts. Make sense?)
OAC “Your Weight
Matters” Conference
(Click here for more information or to purchase tickets.)
When: September 23 – 25
Where: Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld – Orlando, FL

What it is:
This is the 3rd annual “Your Weight Matters”
Conference. If you were around when I went to last year’s conference in
Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll know this event is packed with great information for
people in the fight against obesity.
What makes this gathering unique is the caliber of expert
speakers. OAC engages top-notch professionals on the cutting edge of obesity
research and advocacy. The conference is also extremely well executed, taking
into account at every level the needs of people trying to make better choices
(for example, they give you the full conference menu with nutritional
information and spaces to write in
what you ate so you can track your food).
If you were around last year you also know that YOU sent me
to this conference with your purchases of the shake book so I was on social
media overload. I plan to do that again this year (I even managed to impress
OAC’s social media team!) so get ready!

Check out my coverage from #YWM2013.

Where I’ll be/How to find me:
This is a conference where I am simply a participant. But
like I said, I plan to share what I learn – as much as possible in real time!
So be sure to tune into the Bariatric Foodie Facebook Page, follow Bariatric
Foodie on Twitter and also pay specific attention to the hashtags “#YWM2014”
and “#FoodieNation” as I’ll be using those to post updates.
“Hey, Nik, you’ll be in my neck of the woods. How’s about a meet-up?”
Great idea! If you live near one of the two locations above,
send me an email at bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com.
I’m still getting plans together but I definitely want to meet as many Foodies
as possible while I am traveling. So if you’re interested in staying in the
loop on my plans, hit me up!

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  1. Weight Loss Tips

    Hope that the Obesity Help Conference will be succees in Los Angeles and also OAC “Your Weight Matters” Conference in Orlando. And help more people to lose weight and get good shape.

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