BF Weekly Roundup

Due to various acts on the part of the dark forces of the universe, this post has not gone up as scheduled the last two weeks. No more! I am taking control and making a commitment to do it. Why? Because I know you guys are busy and you have your lives so I think it makes things a lot easier to have this post to sum up everything we’ve discussed in a week. Let me know if you agree. (or disagree).

So…this was Carb Week here on Bariatric Foodie. I was so excited to bring you the Carb Confusion series this week to give a basic primer on carbs and how they fit into our lives post-WLS. Please remember that this series is available as a free download that you can take with you!

Here’s what we covered this week:

Monday: We jumped right into our carb exploration with part one of Carb Confusion (“what the hell is a carb, anyway?”). I also gave a heads up on a cool new oatmeal product.

Tuesday: In part two of Carb Confusion, we discussed how simple vs. complex carbs isn’t that simple a concept, I reviewed a high protein pasta and gave the recipe to my uber-nummy Mexican spaghetti sauce.

Wednesday: Did you know there is a time for every carb? If not, check out part three of Carb Confusion to learn why.

Thursday: In this week’s “BF Top 5” I gave my top 5 pics for beneficial cereals. We also discussed carbs & fiber in part four of Carb Confusion.

Friday: It’s Lent, which means meatless Fridays for Nik, so I shared my grown up answer to a PB&J sandwich along with the final installment of Carb Confusion, about making carbs work in YOUR plan.

Saturday: Um…I was kinda in a Carb Coma…zzzzzz…

Sunday: Earlier today, I shared my super-easy method for making cauliflower rice.

Now that we’re all educated about carbs and whatnot, let’s get back to a great mix of recipes next week, including:

  • The world’s simplest method for making pork barbecue
  • Got extra mangos needing to be used? (or is that just me?) I’ve got a great recipe for them!
  • A popular Indian dish to serve over your cauliflower rice!

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  1. Thank you so much for all you do! Looking forward to next week's posts, especially the Indian dish!