BF Weekly Round-Up

I don’t know what happened this week, but BF has had more daily page views than it ever has! I don’t know if that’s because you guys are spreading the word or what…but whatever it is you are doing – keep doing it!

So this week was all about REALLY crave-worthy food. Let’s review


We kicked things off with my red beans and rice! Very nice! I made this last Sunday and it was gone that night! Luckily I stowed away a portion for lunch the next day, eh?


My salty caramel dessert is sooooo good. Have you tried it yet? If you don’t have sugar-free caramel pudding at your local store, request it so you can try this!


By far the most popular post this week was my Mexican Egg Casserole (which is a totally made up name, btw). Can you believe I still have a good sized piece left in my fridge? That’s what I get for making something only I eat. Next time, maybe I’ll freeze half of it up front.


We had four cheese mashed cauliflower. And man was it good! The divas love mashed cauliflower so this, unlike the egg casserole, went pretty quickly.


Was meatless of course and I had Thai Tuna sliders. YUM! All you need is a few simple ingredients and a can of tuna and you too can be transported to another place…


I shared what I eat in a day. I think that is important because many folks fear how much they can eat when they are further out. That’s why so much emphasis is put on knowing your satiety cues. When you’re early out it’s not so much a problem but later down the line, you have to watch yourself. I want to stand as a living example that a person can be healthy and successful and eat decent meals!

I hope you enjoyed this week on Bariatric Foodie. If you have any suggestions, hit me up! And don’t forget to take the poll to your right. My next BF Basics series will come out this summer and YOU get to pick the subject!

Happy Sunday everyone!