BF Top 5: Nik’s Favorite Hot Protein Drinks!

I love Fall!

Warm sweaters, beautiful foliage, cool winds and…hot protein drinks!!!

Looking for some new ideas? Here are my Top 5 favorite hot protein drinks from right here on Bariatric Foodie!

Favorite Junk Food Swap Drink: Nik’s “Samoan” Hot Chocolate

I’m in the midst of Girl Scout cookie season over here (both my girls are scouts). This drink keeps me OUT of the cookie box and on track!

Favorite Classic Dessert Swap Drink: Hot Apple Pie a la Mode Drink

What could be better than the taste of apples, fall spices and creamy vanilla! Yummy!

Favorite ‘Bux Knock-Off: Protein Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

This drink is goooood. Now that Torani makes Salted Caramel syrup, you might want to use it do that rather than using actual salt. Just sayin.

Favorite Drink with a “Double Entendre” Name: The Hot Blonde

In all fairness, this was originally called the “Hot Blondie” (with strong objections to calling it a “Hot Blonde”) but then I thought, what fun was that? My inner 12 year-old yearns for more!

Favorite Trigger Food Swap: The Hot Cinnabon

OMG…CINNABON! Now that I have discovered Torani Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup, I am so using that to make a Hot Cinnabon…um…tonight!!!

So for those who wonder what good hot protein drinks there are…here are some options! If you come up with any good ones of your own, hit me up!!! I’d love to hear about them!

BF Top 5: Nik's Favorite Hot Protein Drinks!
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BF Top 5: Nik's Favorite Hot Protein Drinks!
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