BF Review: Oh Yeah! Peanut Butter Cup Wafers

Before we start…I hate to sound like a broken record but…for my local peeps…have you gotten your ticket to the “Shake it Up” Protein Shake tasting? If so, might I ask why not??? (I can’t? Oh well…I tried…but I’d still like for you to come! Secure ticket ordering to your right —>) For my peeps further out, Jen and I are working like MAD to bring the Shake it Up! party to you! Patience… Ok, moving on.

A friend of mine…who obviously wishes to remain nameless although I know darn well who SHE is…sent me a Christmas box. There were art supplies for the divas…and goodies for me! I got a jar of Power PB (my favorite peanut butter!), some Kay’s Naturals Protein Crispy Parmesan protein chip…and Oh Yeah! Wafers.

Now I’ve had a lot of protein bars. And a few things that call themselves protein bars but are nothing more than glorified candy bars. So I’m immediately pretty skeptical about that whole business. You might remember I had a less than favorable review of the chocolate peanut butter variety of Oh Yeah!.

I have only found a scant few bars with a good calorie to carbs to protein ratio (for those wondering, in my head the perfect ratio is 1g of protein for every 10 calories and for the net carbs to be at least 5g lower than the protein count. Clear as mud, yes?). My reigning favorite was the Chocolite bar, mainly because it had a good ratio, a good amount of fiber and it is “off the chain” yummy.

Well…I might have to revise that statement.

Holy mother of all things sweet and salty, those things are good!!! Ok, let me not get ahead of myself. I tend to do that.

So, I got a box of the “peanut butter cup” flavor (can we say “feed mah addiction”?). It’s a wafer. That’s good. I am very sensitive to texture. Things that are chewy cannot be gummy or gamey (and, yes, those are two different things). I prefer things that are crunchy to be salty…unless they are crispy. Which is why wafers fit perfectly into my convoluted food rating system.

Back to the bar. It’s a chocolate coated wafer. I open it. Now I’m not super big on inspecting food before I eat it (this is probably part of my food troubles before surgery). But I did notice that when I opened the package I smelled…peanut butter! Sometimes you open it and there’s that whey smell. And it’s understandable. It has whey in it. They try to cover it in caramel and chocolate but I can always pick it up. Won’t necessarily stop me from eating it, but I do smell it.

But not in this! I smelled the wonderful, seductive, intoxicating scent of my very favorite food product in the world (thank you George Washington Carver!).

Moving along…I bit into it and…this is not a protein bar. Someone has fooled me. Pulled the wool over my eyes. Bamboozled me!!!

It was light. It was crispy. The peanut butter tastes like peanut butter. The chocolate tastes like chocolate. Nope, not a protein bar. I don’t believe it and you can’t make me!!!

Except the wrapper says it is. Here are the stats:

Serving Size: 2 wafers
Calories: 201
Fat: 13g (don’t freak…it has peanuts in it)
Carbs: 8g
Fiber: 6g (only 2g net carbs!)
Sugars: 4g (from the chocolate coating…but still not that bad)
Protein: 14g

So not too shabby for a bar. But a wafer doesn’t really fill me up so it doesn’t serve me well to eat one when I know I’ll be hungry again in an hour. BUT…as you all saw before…I used one stick in my protein Blizzard and that? Got the job done!

Verdict: Divas say Divine!

Want some? Get them here! (and in doing so supporting the blog and keeping the good recipes coming!)

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  1. I really wish I could attend this one. I'm just over in Germantown (not far at all, really). I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next pouch party/shake it up.