BF Review: Everlast HyperPlex Vanilla Protein

…and then there was one.

Now you’d think I’d learned my lesson last week about non-scientific product reviews. After all, I have now come out of my pocket and bought yet ANOTHER protein powder (I am now at critical mass, by the way) so I can figure out where the brownie batter phenomenon comes from after using the Everlast HypePlex Chocolate.

But nope…I am a hopeless cause. I learned nothing. And I did it again.

Everlast HyperPlex Vanilla.

This time I have a good reason, though. Check it.

Between chocolate and vanilla, I am solidly on Team Chocolate. So convincing me to try anything of the vanilla variety, and especially protein, is dicey. I don’t hate vanilla, but it’s very, very, very easy to eff up that flavor. And bad vanilla is just…bad.

So to protect myself (justification alert), I made this sample into a Vanilla Click Frapp, thereby combining the vanilla powder I wasn’t sure about with a flavor I knew I’d like. It was self defense really.

Moving on…so this time I tried it out at work, a place with a much more organized, well-lit and (dare I admit it?) clean environment. Stats on the vanilla are pretty much the same as the chocolate. Same ingredients minus the cocoa powder.

As per usual, I start with a whiff of the powder. Again, no whey smell. Encouraging. So I threw all my ingredients in Hamilton, Jr. and decided to let the chips fall where they may! (Note to self: Hamilton, Jr. needs a good bath…stat!)

I am a Triple X shake drinker so it came out very thick and creamy…but I don’t have a pic…yet. (Thankfully my friend Kathy gave me her sample so I’m making another one tomorrow and will post a pic then).

I didn’t take a pretty cup picture mostly because…well frankly my cup at work is just not that inspired. You know how I told you I name everything? Well my cup at work is a big purple cup. It is named…big purple cup. So there ya go.

At this point, I should say that both the chocolate and vanilla shakes came out a good deal creamier than I’m used to with most of my shakes. Now had I used Click both times, I might have attributed that to the Click, because it tends to do that to shakes (it is magical). But this was even creamier than my standard Click shake so…I dunno. But for me this is a good thing.

Let’s taste it, shall we?

(Slurp…slurp…just envision me drinking here…)

Ok, so a few points.

  1. Again, I am picking up a batter like taste. It isn’t overwhelming here so it doesn’t completely bug. Again, but for brownie batter, I pretty much leave the batter bowl alone. But this wasn’t unpleasant.
  2. It does taste like actual vanilla. Not “chemically manufactured vanilla flavoring” but…vanilla. Nice. I’m still on Team Chocolate though.
  3. There isn’t really a number three but for some reason I’m opposed to lists with less than three items.

So, would I buy this protein powder for at home? No. But mostly because I use vanilla so rarely that I literally go through one canister of vanilla powder a year maybe. But if you’re into vanilla, go for it!

Verdict: Diva says Do it! (I can’t give it a “Divine” because I don’t feel inspired to dub anything vanilla flavored as divine…but that’s the highest consolation rating a vanilla product can get, for what it’s worth…)

BF Review: Everlast HyperPlex Vanilla Protein
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BF Review: Everlast HyperPlex Vanilla Protein
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