BF Review & Contest: Fit Frappe Vanilla

But first…yesterday’s finalist is…

Bridget Epling!!!

Bridget submitted a recipe idea she called “Ode to Joyous Almond”

Fit Frappe mocha (8oz recipe)
1 pump (1 tbsp) sugar-free coconut syrup
1/2 pump (1/2 tbsp) sugar-free almond syrup (or sub 2 drips of extract)
8oz milk of your choice (coconut or almond are nice)



Blend with your method of choice (I use the Super Chill Method). If you are adventurous (and have time) sprinkle with some fresh toasted almonds or unsweetened coconut…or sugar-free whippage (whipped cream)!

Congrats, Bridget! You don’t need to do anything until the end of this week when your recipe goes up against Penney’s “Wake Your A$$ Up” shake and the remaining three finalists. Then I need you to tell your mother, brothers, sisters, cousin and that annoying gossip at work to vote for YOU!

Today’s flavor: Vanilla (which is one of the NON-coffee based flavors). 

And today’s challenge: Instead of giving a full recipe, tell me ONE ingredient you’d add to this flavor to make it YOUR shake. You can do that by responding to my call Facebook, sending a Tweet to @Bariatric Foodie on Twitter or making a comment here on the blog! One of your ideas will be chose as today’s finalist!

Now…you might remember that I did not try the Vanilla or Vanilla Latte. Why? Many reasons, chief among them that I am NOT a vanilla person. So I asked a few Foodies to review it. Thank you my friends!

Your reviewers are: Samantha, Heather and Gwen

Stats: Here are the stats on ALL the Fit Frappe flavors, and below are the stats for the 8 oz. serving of Vanilla:

Calories: 70
Fat: 1.5g
Carbs: 12g
Fiber: 3g
Sugar Alcohols: 7g
Protein: 10g


Samantha: The smell of the Vanilla was great. It had a vanilla scent to it but was not over powering. It also did not give off a fake vanilla smell which some protein powders. The look was no different then any other powder.

Heather:  Powder looked very smooth and of a fine texture.  Due to having no sense of smell, I did not bother trying to determine odor of powder.  A benefit perhaps as I have read of many complaints of the whey protein smell. 

Gwen: Looked and smelled like any other protein powder I’ve used.  The Latte one was a disappointment as it didn’t seem to have a smell of coffee.


Samantha:  I prepared the plain vanilla one way shaken in a blender cup then poured over ice. I was a bit skeptical about only using water. I’ve noticed most say you can use water OR milk they were very specific about only adding water in their directions. I was expected a watery taste since I was using water on not milk. That was in fact not the case!

Samantha’s (super cool!) Vanilla Fit Frappe set-up!

Heather:  I made the drink with skim milk and my regular allotment of 5 ice cubes, again in the wonderful Ninja machine.

Heather’s Fit Frappe Vanilla!

Gwen: I made it with water in a shaker bottle for on the go use. 

The Taste:

Samantha:  It tastes like vanilla frosting. It has that hit of sugary vanilla goodness right at the end. This product tasted way better then I really thought it would using only water and pouring it over ice.
Heather:  It was very tasty!  In fact, I kept tasting it over and over, trying to figure out what it reminded me of. The texture of the drink in my cup was almost like a soft serve ice cream, although it did not seem that thick when I was transferring it to my glass.   Thus this observation made me think of my former love of Dairy Queen ice cream.  I decided right then and there that the Big Train Vanilla Fit Frappe tasted very much the same as the DQ. It was had a nice refreshing taste that was very much enjoyable.  I was so surprised that this “vanilla” drink could literally make me a convert.

Gwen: Better than expected. It dissolved nicely and had a smooth taste.  Thickened up nicely for being made with water.

Any After-Effects?
(I asked your Foodie reviewers to specifically whether they noticed any effects from the sugar alcohols.)

Samantha: I felt fine after drinking this product but in full disclosure I did not drink an entire serving.  My only concern is I do not have a huge sweet tooth so I am not sure I could even get through an entire serving of this product over ice it has a very sugary hit at the end.
Heather: No problems from the sugar alcohols at all. 

Gwen: (Nik Note) Gwen didn’t note any after-effects.

The Verdict:

Samantha:  I’d buy it to replace my other protein that I use in baking and making smoothies.  I think it is great product and did not disappoint. 

Heather: I would recommend both as acceptable protein drinks for bariatric patients. I think I will be switching from my base vanilla powder to the Big Train Vanilla as soon as I run out.  It was that good!

Gwen: I would buy this one if I drank more protein shakes. 


All three Foodie reviewers noted that they did not like the fact that the sample pack comes with two servings. Like me, they don’t want to have to figure out what to do with the other half!

Gwen pointed out that she liked that there were directions for three different ways of mixing the powder, while both she and Heather noted that it mixed nicely with water.

So…your Fellow Foodies told you what they thought. You ready to win some for yourself?

You guys are always telling me how you mix up your vanilla shakes. So tell me…what one ingredient would YOU add to Fit Frappe Vanilla to make it YOUR shake? Again, you can answer by leaving a comment on my Facebook, sending a tweet to @BariatricFoodie on Twitter or simply by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Your idea could score you the third finalist seat, with a chance to win a free tub of Fit Frappe! And remember, this weekend FIVE of you will get a chance to win a free sample pack with all five flavors to try!

TOMORROW: Your Foodie Reviewers tell you about the Vanilla Latte flavor and another one of you has a chance to become a finalist to WIN a full tub!


  1. I would add PINEAPPLE and give the fit frappe a tropical island twist!

  2. Cherie Desjardin

    Peaches, we have awesome Colorado peaches. Frozen to make it more like peach milkshake. YUM!

  3. I would add some frozen NC peaches. Yum!!!
    Jane Ivey

  4. Half a stick of Crystal Light Sunrise Orange! I am a sucker for orange sherbert or creamsicles.

  5. I would add my cold brewed coffee in place of the water to make it a vanilla coffee latte!

  6. That wake your a$$ up shake looks so good. Can't wait until I have some spare cash to try the fit frappe

  7. Brenda, did you vote for your favorite shake on today's post? You CAN win yourself a sample pack to try!

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