BF Review (and “Recipe”): Fiber One English Muffins

I’m sort of under the weather this week, so rather than try to sneeze my way through a bunch of longer recipes, I thought I’d give myself a break and catch up on the gazillion and two products I’ve been meaning to tell folks about.

Next up…Fiber One English muffins!

Now, up until now I’d done Thomases 100-cal English muffins and was pretty happy with them. Then one day, while in the grocery store, I came across these. You all know my love affair with Fiber One, right? So needless to say when I saw these, I had  to give them a try.

So stats. Per muffin:

100 calories
24g carbs
8g fiber (so 16g net carbs)
5g protein

Carbophobes out there…breathe! If you remember from my Carb Confusion series, you HAVE to take in carbs to get fiber. Yes, you can do Benefiber but the body kind of likes the kind from food too. So I try to eat my fruits and veggies and per my plan I’m allowed two servings of starch a day. This is one of them.

Now, back to Fiber One. Cardboard? No. Delicious? Usually. Easy to achieve “nooks and crannies”? Nooooot necessarily. I had to toast this guy for quite a bit to get the nooks and crannies I wanted. Granted, had I been doing something else besides anxiously watching the toaster oven, I might not have noticed how long it took. But in the end it was all good.

After taking a bite, I noted that, like the cereal, there is a slight sweetness to this English muffin. I liked that but for some reason I’ve been in a “salty” mood lately. So here’s what I did with it.

Nik’s Asiago-Parmesan Pepper English Muffin
(doesn’t stuff just sound SO fancy when you use three adjectives?)


1 Fiber One English muffin (half if you are earlier out)
A few sprays of low or no-cal butter spray (I used 0 cal Olivio)
2 tbsp crumbled asiago cheese
1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp ground black pepper


Toast your muffin in a toaster or toaster oven (preferrably a toaster oven).

Right when you notice your nooks and crannies appearing, add your butter and cheeses and return to toaster oven (if using a toaster, you can nuke it about 15 seconds).

Sprinkle black pepper over the top.

I am in heaven. Absolute heaven. Well, except for the cold. That’s sort of a bummer.

Verdict: Diva says Divine!

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