BF is proud to serve you along with Netrition!

~by Nikki

Netrition - 
The Internet's Premier Nutrition Superstore!
Remember when we told you about how we plan to do a little monetization to support the blog? Yeah…you remember that. It was a beautiful moment…like something right off of 7th Heaven or something…Yeah.

S’anyway…our first endeavor is to bring you great products for a great price with reasonable shipping costs. Look to your right and you’ll see a search box for Netrition. This is a wonderful site that both Jen and I have used in the past for our post-wls product needs. In fact, Jen is writing up a “Pouch Party Peeks at Netrition” as I type!

They carry everything from your sugar-free flavored syrups, to Carbquik to protein powder, all at reasonable prices and with $4.95 flat rate shipping – no matter how much you buy!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to support Bariatric Foodie, consider beginning your Netrition orders through that link. Proceeds keep the good recipes coming!

Thanks as always for supporting us and look for Jen’s peeks soon!

One comment

  1. Beast and I had this for supper last night, it was Nik-Licious!

    Today for lunch I added it to a little spaghetti squash, topped with a bit more cheese, a spoon of Greek yogurt and an avocado slice…Mexican Sketty!

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