Bariatric Foodie is getting all “souped up”

~by Nikki and Jen

Jen stole this pic from Google images

Well, Pouchers, fall has arrived and here on the East Coast we’ve had some downright COLD days! The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter and we ALL know what that means…

SOUP TIME!!!! Yeah baby!

We’re dubbing October 24 through 31as Bariatric Foodie’s first annual soup week. We’ve got some great recipes for hearty soups with plenty of protein to get you all warm and fuzzy for the winter. Starting next Sunday, October 24, we’ll be posting a delicious soup recipe every day of the week!

In celebration of BF Soup Week, we’re inviting all our awesome readers to “cook along” with us! Next Saturday we’ll post a downloadable shopping list of the ingredients needed to make every single recipe, so you’ll have time to get ready to get your soup on! Every reader who cooks along and sends us a pic of the recipe(s) they made gets entered in our first ever Play With Your Food Contest!

But we don’t want to hog all the soup recipe writing limelight, so we’re also inviting YOU to send us your favorite soup recipes. For every recipe submitted with along with a pic, we’ll post them here on Bariatric Foodie and let the readers vote on their favorite recipe. The author of the winning recipe will also win a prize from the Play With Your Food Contest!

Prizes for the contest will be announced at the beginning of Soup Week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing some ideas during this week to get you all warmed up for Soup Week! Come join us as we get all “souped up” for the winter!

Bariatric Foodie is getting all "souped up"
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Bariatric Foodie is getting all "souped up"
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  1. Love.
    Can we get the list a couple days early?
    And are some of these gonna be lazy people, I don't wanna cook (and don't have time because I stayed at work til 8) types of recipes?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    We're posting the list on Saturday and the first soup recipe goes up on Monday, so we hope that's a good space! With getting ready for the preview, Jen's birthday and my youngest daughter's b'day all this week, I'm afraid Saturday is probably the earliest we can realistically promise the list! I'm so glad you'll be cooking along 🙂 ~Nik

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