And now a programming note…

I am so goofy.

I’m going to ATTEMPT to bring some organization to this blog by following a kind of schedule so I thought I’d let you all know about it. There’s some exciting stuff “cooking” over here at Bariatric Foodie!

During the week (I am hesitant to commit to an actual day of the week, so let’s just say anytime between Monday – Friday), I will be featuring protein shake recipes from my comprehensive protein shake list. These recipes will have pics (which I have been assured are very important although I don’t see what is so exciting about a picture of a protein shake…they kind of all look alike). These posts will feature new flavors courtesy of my friend Martie who just gave me a truckload of new sugar-free syrups to play with! (Thank you Martie! The WLS community thanks you as well, don’t you guys?).

At least once a week (but not limited to Monday – Friday) I am going to post a regular meal recipe. Just in case you ever wondered how my mind works (and I know you have not…because you all have lives), I often dream up recipes on the elliptical machine (whatever gets you through, right?), but before I ever share them with you I’ve made them several times—first, to make sure it tastes ok, next to make sure I am using the most nutritionally and calorically beneficial ingredients that I know of, and third…’cuz I like my food to look pretty. So that process takes a minute and in the midst of that process I’ve not been blogging much. So I have a backlog. Which is good for you. Much work for me. But work I love doing and will continue to do until such time as you all tell me to stop! So, that leads me to my next piece of exciting news…

The new recipe posted will be in video! That’s right…I’m starting my own blogovision show. I don’t know what it should be called yet. I am appealing to you all for help. If you have a great idea for a name, post it in the comments. An independent panel of judges (not really…just my mom, my brother, and the divas) will pick a winner. There is something in this for you too. The winner will receive a goodie bag of a few of my favorite products to sample. So get to thinking!

Anyhoo…I am thinking most webisodes will go up on the weekends (which is realistically when I have time to edit and post them). I am shooting for shorter segments (and better edited) than the first one although you guys seemed to appreciate the Carbquik tutorial and I am so glad it helped!

Anyway, just a few notes from this side. If you like what you’re seeing, post a comment! I sound like a broken record, I know, but it really is the only way I know what you think of posts and I really do try to post things that you’ll like and find helpful.

So that’s it from over this way. Over and out!

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  1. You are so my girl Nik! Maybe I can gag down some of these shakes. I tried Nectar Chocolate truffle in choc milk today and it went well. You're onto something girl!

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