Your BF 4th of July Menu Haz Arrived!

Ahhh…the fourth of July. The fireworks. The pageantry. The barbecues.

Fear not, my faithful foodies! I’m hear to help! Is your family hosting the BBQ this year? If so, great! I have menu options galore. If not, you might want to give my “surviving the family barbecue” survival guide a read just to ensure you don’t take away someone’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

Here’s just a few of the lovely, crave-worthy treats that exist right here on this lovely blog for your barbecuing pleasure.


Chicken skewers – You don’t have to go Thai with it but be sure to use the marinating technique. It works!

Flatten them out a bit and my magic meatballs become protein-packed sliders!

What would a barbecue be without a hot dog? Here are my favorite post-op picks.


I would be lying if I told you they will mistake this for potato salad. BUT…it is very tasty! Customize any way you want: Add crumbled bacon and ranch dressing mix or some curry powder, raisins and a little cayenne for a kick. There are so many options it’s CRAZY!

I am a late convert to cole slaw. But now I love the stuff. If you want to make a variation, you can easily make an Asian slaw with brocolli slaw mix by omitting the creamy stuff and using a light Asian Sesame dressing (watch the sugar amounts on some varieties).

Speaking of brocolli, this brocolli salad will have your fam clamoring for the veggies!

Lastly, I kid you not…I have a friend who comes to functions where I am in hopes of me bringing my Mexican Dip. It’s that addictive. Try it!

I don’t know about you but dessert seems to be a separate meal from dinner for me. No matter. I get it in when I can fit it in. In the summertime I turn off the oven and turn on my blender to make yummy protein frozen pies like my peanut butter, cookies ‘n cream  and rocky road pies. If you’re a fruity kind of person, try my no-bake protein key lime pie.

Or you could go for a low-carb funnel cake, although that’s best achieved if you are hosting the barbecue.

So there you have it folks. Some solid, WLS-friendly suggestions for your next barbecue. Be careful of your nutrient combinations though peeps…else you’ll have firework sounds that have NOTHING to do with independence 😉

Your BF 4th of July Menu Haz Arrived!
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Your BF 4th of July Menu Haz Arrived!
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