My Favorite Summer Crockpot Recipes

So life recently popped another one of my little “delusion bubbles.”

You see…up until last year I’d never lived in a house with central air conditioning (true fact), so I had this delusion that if you live in such a wonderful, mythical place, you can turn on your oven in the middle of the summer time and bake with reckless abandon.

We’ll continue with this post once you all stop laughing at me!

Yeah. I tried turning on the oven and it was hot as (BLEEP) up in my house! And what was worse was that I seem to have the world’s most sensitive smoke alarm, which also seems to think that it should go off simply when it’s too hot in the house. (Seriously…there have been times when there was no smoke…just heat…that thing lost its natural mind!)

Needless to say, I am glad for my air condition-less years because I know how to make baked recipes without an oven, using one of my all-time favorite inventions: my crockpot!

Check out these three recipes I make in my crockpot to achieve summer yumminess.

Pork Tacos with Spicy Green Sauce

Man…you wanna jazz up Taco Tuesday? Make a batch of these things! The spicy green sauce is everything. I mean absolutely everything. Like…your life will be forever changed. Your life as it is now? Gone! After this sauce.

If you like spicy, that is.

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Easy Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

For my family, this soup is a nice complement to the tacos above (or these tacos). For me, it’s pretty much the meal! If you’re wondering, how I do soup (since it technically violates the “no eating and drinking together” rule) is to slurp up the broth and eat the “guts” (meat/veggies). That works for me. Your mileage may vary.

Anywho…this soup is so ridiculously easy to make and tastes like summer. Go make you some!

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Spicy Summer Beans & Sausage

This dish was inspired by a trip to Dallas, Texas (which, for more than a few reasons, is becoming one of my favorite places). Can you tell yet that I love all things spicy? If you do too, you must try these summer beans. It’s a nice alternative to sweet baked beans!

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