What Nik is thankful for…

Usually, I’m not into compilation lists of thankfulness. Mostly because I try to give thanks every day. But Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture and I am learning to embrace that (or just get over myself). I thought I’d share with you just a few things I am thankful for this year. And this is me…so it’s going to be a list of course!

#1…First and foremost, I am thankful that I am not THIS girl anymore

While this girl was nice and smart and funny…she didn’t know it. And she didn’t find herself worth the exploration to discover it. I remember her everyday and can only say that I recognize that she was doing the best she could with what she had to work with. But I am so thankful that I took this step to reclaim myself. Three years after surgery, the ultimate result, to me, cannot be measured simply in pounds lost. I often say I lost the weight but regained myself. That’s sorta true. There wasn’t much of a self in that girl. She barely knew who she was. Now, I still don’t know the complete person…but I’m getting to know her and so for I like!

#2 – I am thankful for my divas

I quote them (and their antics) a lot. These two little women are my heart and soul. They challenge me (especially as le grande diva approaches adolescence). They make me think. They wipe my tears when I cry and bring me soup when I am sick. We are a single parent headed family so many times I don’t have the patience that their friend’s mom’s (all of whom are married) have but I do love them fiercely.

#3 – I am thankful for my mother

She’s struggling with some issues of her own right now but she’s always been a symbol of strength for me. She has come through so much in life and is still standing. I know she’ll come through her current trials. To me, she is a goddess and I love her!

#4 –  I am thankful for Goodwill

That would be me…for those of you not familiar!

And my imaginary friend Mischa…did I ever tell you about her? She is this fabulous girl who is exactly my size with impeccable taste. She is so fabulously fabulous that she changes her wardrobe every few weeks. But that’s ok…because her trash is my treasure!

#5 – I am grateful to be a GUEST at Thanksgiving dinner this year

Last year I kinda delegated the collard green cleaning responsibilities…
Historically, I am the collard greens maker in the family. It’s a tiring process. Yes, I know you can buy collards already picked and cut, but in years past we invited absolutely everyone to Thanksgiving and we made in excess of 30 lbs. of collards. Buying that many pre-cut is expensive. So my mom would haul crates of collards home and I would spend hours cleaning them (and cursing them). This year, my cousins are hosting and I am showing up…I’ll eat my collards happily, knowing someone else did the work this year!

#6 – I am thankful for Jen…and all my friends

Jen and La Grande Diva within the hallowed walls of P.F. Chang’s.

She is going to MURDER me for posting an unauthorized picture of her. Just remember me fondly peeps. I am so thankful the day I met her. Bariatric Foodie existed before we met, but Jen has taken this thing to a whole other level. Her Southern recipes (although, as she points out, technically Maryland is the south too…although it doesn’t feel like it most of the time…), her no-nonsense approach to life and her absolute unwillingness to use anything but real butter! (I can’t say I blame her on that one) I love her to pieces and thank God for her every day!

A few other special shout-outs: to the de-facto Pouch Party™ graphic designer, Pam, THANK YOU!!! You are my friend and sister and I love you! To my bestie, Lee, I adore you and thank GOD for the day you came to support group. A special shout-out to all my family on the OH RNY board and all of the Facebook fans! I appreciate you!

#7 – Last, but certainly not least…I am thankful for all of YOU!

This is me and Melting Mama at OH Conference in October 2009…who better represents the WLS “Everyman” than her? 🙂 Love ya Beth!

Not just for reading this blog or coming to Pouch Parties™, but also for the encouragement you give me. I am not a guru. I am not an expert in anything. I learn from you and others, and I try to share neat things I come across. That’s all. So thank you for giving me advice, giving me recipes, smacking me upside the head, lifting me up, occasionally deflating my ego and not laughing too hard when pictures of me on a mechanical bull surface on the internet.

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