Weight-loss Surgery Friendly Indian-Style Creamed Spinach

For those of you who are excited about this recipe, you have my girl Hillery to thank (yes, Hillery, your Foodie Fitness Correspondent). One day she graciously agreed to help me mow through style La Petite Diva’s hair and she was cooking this. And me being the person I am, I have stalked her for the recipe ever since.

Here is the recipe she used. But before you go there, please heed the following suggested modifications!

  • Instead of using 2 tbsp of olive oil I used one and sprayed down my pan generously with nonstick (the olive oil contributes to the flavor, which is why I used some but not all)
  • Do NOT use the amount of cayenne called for in this recipe. It will kill you! My family likes spicy food and it damn near killed us. If you want a slight kick, go with 1/4 tsp. If you want full-on spicy, go with 1/2 tsp. Trust me on this one!
  • Instead of the sugar it calls for with the spinach add two packets of Splenda. Trust me this will be enough.
  • I suggest using unflavored Greek yogurt (nonfat) instead of evaporated milk. With the evaporated milk it was just too watery and the liquid just would not reduce! Since you add it at the very end, it will retain a smooth consistency.
  • Lastly, instead of naan, I used a pop rice to dip mine. Never heard of pop rice? Well allow me to introduce you to it!

It has 16 calories per “cake”, 4g of carbs, virtually no protein but…it’s 16 calories! Mine was onion flavored. They sell these at many grocery stores (I get mine from Ye Olde Amish) under various brand names including Amy’s Magic Pop or Cocopop.

Lastly, here’s some lovely food porn of the process of making this:
This is the onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes simmering.
Pureed cooked spinach, fresh from my fake Magic Bullet (aka $19.99 version from Wal-Mart that works just as well!)
Mixing the spinach with the onion/tomato mixture…
Me scooping it out of the pan with a piece of pop rice!
If you wanted to make an exotic night of it for the fam, might I suggest my Thai Chicken Skewers (which work perfectly fine on a grill pan if you don’t feel like firing up the old grill), WLS-friendly samosas (which work well with either Carbquik OR Atkins Baking Mix) and a side of Thai Iced Tea for the fam?

Oh…one more note. This dish goes beautifully atop my cauliflower rice (Throw some peas and a few tablespoons of coconut milk in the rice if you want the full effect!)


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Weight-loss Surgery Friendly Indian-Style Creamed Spinach
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Weight-loss Surgery Friendly Indian-Style Creamed Spinach
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  1. Mmm, Saag. One day I will make this and make some homemade paneer cheese to go into it for the protein factor. Thanks Nik!!

  2. …and when you do you'll snap pics and send them and the recipe to bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com, right????

  3. fastestway-loseweight.blogspot.com/

    Wow, very simple and yummy recipes you have shared here. As early as possible, I will definitely try this.


  4. how to lose weight

    Great article, totally what I was looking for.

  5. Yesterday i prepared this dish.Really very tasty food.Thanks for sharing.great article.

  6. Gonna try this and use low carb tortillas for my dippers. I have naan in my freezer for someday when I want to eat those carbs.

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