Let’s have dinner together for Cinco de Mayo!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Let’s see if we can manage it.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. It’s also my late grandfather’s birthday. So I’m feeling festive! I already posted a delicious protein drink you can enjoy in the spirit of the day, but I thought it might be fun to have dinner together too! How? Easy.
Step One: If you haven’t already check out my Taco Casserole recipe. It’s the most popular recipe on Bariatric Foodie. Here’s the recipe.
Step Two: Make Taco Casserole! This recipe uses ingredients you can find in any grocery store. The best part? It’s easy to modify it and make it your own!
Step Three: Post about making Taco Casserole! Here’s three ways:
As I see photos tomorrow night, I’ll share them! I’m also going to pin them to this Pinterest board. Remember, if you make changes to the recipe, let us know what you did so we can get new ideas too!
UPDATED: Since I nearly had a brain explosion over some tech difficulties related to this post and you all hung in there anyway (like the champs that you are!) I am now offering a PRIZE for anyone who participates. If you make the casserole and share a pic (using one of the methods above), you’ll be entered to win a prize pack of Premier Protein stuff PLUS a copy of The Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book.All you have to do is share your picture using one of the three methods above. You don’t need to register or do anything else. I’ll note who submitted something and enter you. I’ll announce who won on May 6. Easy, right?

That’s my small way of saying I’m sorry for melting down. I’m human. It happens!

One comment

  1. Sheryl Hargrove

    I'll be working tomorrow night but I'm making this tonight so I can celebrate with y'all! Happy Cinco!!!

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