Chicken Roulade

I’m writing to you today from cloudy and cool Saginaw, Michigan, where I’m visiting my friend Pam (of “The Journey to a Healthier Me” or you all would best know her as the cover designer of all of Bariatric Foodies fabulous book offerings on Amazon!).

She’s been showing me all sorts of lovely places and I’m having a blast. We’ve been to Frankenmuth (and I could have kicked myself for not taking my camera around on that walk but I did manage to snap a few good pictures before my phone conked!) and yesterday we went to Dow Gardens (I love nature! I’m a city girl so I don’t get to commune with trees much) and Lansing to a store called Horrocks.

Now on the surface one might ask if a grocery store is truly a tourist stop for an out of town friend. I’d say when that out of town friend is me…um yes. Seriously. I want to live in that place! They have every fruit and vegetable known to man, they have all the products we love (sugar-free Torani syrups, PB2, etc.) for CHEAP and…get this…free gourmet coffee. As in free. As in you don’t have to pay for it.

(I know…”Shut the front door!”)

S’anyway our goal in going to Horrock’s was to get yummy dinner fixings. It’d had been an active day and I wondered what we could make that wouldn’t be too taxing. Then a simple, elegant dish a friend taught me came to mind: Chicken Roulade (I’ve featured the dish here before when I had my Laughing Cow Light Cheese Party. Click here to check it out!).

That’s basically a fancy way of saying you tenderize and pound flat some chicken breasts, fill them with veggies and cheese and top with a sauce.

YUM! Check out the process of me making our Chicken Roulade, then head over to “Feed My Sleeve” and let Margaret share her full recipe for this tender, moist, delicious meal!

First I sauteed some veggies in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. I used spinach, orange bell pepper, tomatoes and onions (I have a thing about color). 

After that I pounded out some chicken breasts (not shown) and seasoned them. Then I spread Laughing Cow Light (French Onion in this instance) on one side. 

Then I plopped some veggies on top of that and rolled the chicken into a spiral.
I placed all my chicken spirals in a baking dish and put the leftover veggies on top.

Finally, I topped with sauce, in this case Emeril’s “Roasted Gahhhhlic” Sauce (that is actually how it’s spelled by the way!)

And here it is fresh out of the oven. Yum! We had our Chicken Roulade with roasted asparagus and a seven-grain salad I picked up at Horrock’s. I have a bit of a bigger pouch capacity so you all probably won’t be able to eat all that, but it was a yummy, delicious and balanced meal.

If you can’t eat much, try making these with chicken breast tenderloins instead of full breasts (I couldn’t eat a whole breast. I had to cut in half). 

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