Carbquik Pancakes (part one)

Interesting name for a post about pancakes, innit?
You all have seen my Carbquik pancake recipe right? Well…I am always looking to improve my recipes and techniques. To that effect, I was browsing stuff online and came across some Carbalose flour. I’d seen it before but wasn’t quite sure I wanted to try to use it. I mean Carbquik already has everything you need in it to make just about anything, right?

Well, sorta… Some of my recipes came out wonky because of whatever was in there and so I wanted to at least TRY Carbalose flour to see if some of those issues were caused by the additives to the baking mix.

(Sidebar: If, at this point you are asking yourself “what’s the difference between Carbalose flour and Carbquik?” think of the difference between plain old all-purpose flour and Bisquik or…pancake mix, etc.)

So I have this really awesome recipe for fluffy pancakes that I have made a gagillion times for my daughters with regular flour (and, I admit, I’ve had more than my fair share of bites) so I was DYING to try it out with the Carbalose flour.

Here’s the recipe I used:

Nik’s Old-Fashioned, Low-Carb fluffy pancakes

1 c. Carbalose flour

2 tbsp Splenda granular

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

4 tbsp Blue Bonnet Light (or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” or whatever butter substitute you like…or if you get down with butter…use butter…)

1 c. milk (yes I said one cup…)

1 large or extra large egg, beaten


1. Sift Carbalose flour into a bowl and add remaining dry ingredients. Mix well.
2. Mix wet ingredients well.

3. Tip went into dry and stir. Batter will be thick.

4. Using a 1/4 c. measure, ladle batter onto a hot griddle (set on medium flame).

Now here is the interesting part. You ladle them out and you…wait. Seriously. Go get a magazine. The essential thing I learned about these pancakes is that “lower and slower” works best. So don’t rush it! Go get your latest copy of Food Network Magazine and read all about what thrilling new things Paula Deen is doing with butter. Ok, back to our regularly scheduled cooking…

5. When many, many bubbles have burst on top of the pancakes, flip them gently. Now resume your magazine reading…(in all seriousness, I think I cooked them upwards of 4-5 minutes each side…but this was helpful actually because I was cooking a multi-course breakfast and that gave me ample time to prep other things).

When done, transfer to a plate or, preferably, into a baking pan that is in the ove which is set on “Warm.”

A few of these babies…some turkey bacon…you’ve got yourself a fine meal.

I do want to address one question I get a lot. While I am TOTALLY not opposed to protein pancakes…I don’t like them myself. I am at the point where I get enough protein from other foods to absorb eating a regular pancake. These pancakes have the added benefit of a ginormous amount of fiber (which is something I do not regularly get enough of), so if you want a protein pancake recipe, alas you won’t find one here, but check out my girl Shelly for many, many, many recipes.
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