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Tilapia Verde

I’m literally eating this beautiful tilapa dish as I type. I don’t routinely upload recipes this quickly after sharing them (read: don’t go getting spoiled) but I figured since it’s a quiet day and I have the time, why not? This dish started with me having a random assortment of vegetable-type stuff to use up. A few days ago I …

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From the BF Barbecue: Ronnie’s Crustless Spinach Quiche

It’s very rare that I am at a loss for words. You guys see me. I wrote whole BOOKS before I get to my recipe. For this dish I only have a few words: it is DAMN good! Wait, no I have a few more. A funny story. This is La Grande Diva: She HATES eggs. At the barbecue we’re …

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Foodie-sentials: Iron – Why Eating Your Spinach Isn’t Enough

(Check out last month’s article: The Sunshine Vitamin.) By Kelly Morris Despite non-op opinions to the contrary, luck doesn’t get you very far after weight loss surgery. If you want to be healthy and have energy, you need your vitamins and minerals, including iron.  We need adequate iron in order for our blood to carry oxygen to all our vital organs, …

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Weight-loss Surgery Friendly Indian-Style Creamed Spinach

For those of you who are excited about this recipe, you have my girl Hillery to thank (yes, Hillery, your Foodie Fitness Correspondent). One day she graciously agreed to help me mow through style La Petite Diva’s hair and she was cooking this. And me being the person I am, I have stalked her for the recipe ever since. Here …

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