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No-Sugar Added Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Spoiler Alert: Nutella is never going to be health food. This is not health food. It will always be a treat. I felt like I should lead with that because there are always new folks coming to this blog and I want you to know that we do, in fact, know the difference between a healthy food and indulgences. We talk about that …

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BF Review: White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars

FTC Disclosure: Bariatric Foodie, and its representative, were provided free samples of this product for the purpose of this product review. Although samples were provided, all Bariatric Foodie reviews are done in an unbiased manner and reflect the true and honest opinion of the reviewers. Any links contained within this post will direct readers to a different site where the …

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Nik’s WLS-Friendly Shamrock Shake

So you may have heard of this holiday…St. Patrick’s Day? I keep hearing about a guy who drove snakes out of Ireland but I’m pretty sure the holiday is about wearing green, drinking ale and being promiscuous (if the Baltimore bar scene can be trusted to tell the tale). You guys have been thinking about St. Paddy’s Day for a …

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