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Welcome to Bariatric Foodie!

For those of you visiting this site for the first time, you’ve chosen the perfect time to become a part of the Foodie Nation!

For my long-time Foodies…surprise! I’ve been working on this new site as a present to you for quite some time. So let me show you around.

What’s New?

The site is still a work in progress. I’ll be working back through posts for a while, so bear with me! But here are a few features you can enjoy right away.

New and improved recipe formatting!

This feature is still rolling out on all recipes but will be in each featured recipe in the homepage slider. With the new recipe format you can:

  • Print recipes (with the picture!) with one click
  • Modify the recipe by changing the number of servings
  • Change the units of the recipe ingredients (this is especially helpful for my international Foodies, who don’t use cups and tablespoons!)
  • Share recipes seamlessly to social media
  • Easier-to-find resources

This is something Foodies have been wanting for ages! On the homepage you can easily find educational resources like my BF Basics series on Sugar, Carbs and the Nutrition Label. You can also easily find Product Reviews and other information. The type of information on the homepage will change periodically (for example during the holidays we’ll feature WLS-friendly holiday food), but overall the resources are more front and center so you can use and share them!

Contests and Special Offers

Periodically we have fun contests around here. They’ll be easier to find and enter. I’ll also periodically offer valuable FREE resources that you can easily download from the site!

The Foodie Store

I’ll be adding items shortly (like Foodie-swag such as t-shirts and water bottles). But right now you can head to the Foodie store to browse and buy:

Coming Soon

I’m working on lots of great resources and information for the Foodie Nation. Here’s a sneak peek on what’s coming:

  • A Healthy Habits Challenge where you can win great prizes, courtesy of Premier Protein!
  • Need help being accountable after surgery? I’ve got you covered! More details on that coming soon.
  • Want to write for Bariatric Foodie? I’m working on a way to get more of YOUR voices onto this site.
  • Stay tuned! And welcome to the new and improved Bariatric Foodie. Now let’s play with our food!
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