The Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Guide


The holidays are a battlefield after weight-loss surgery. Here’s your game plan!



After weight loss surgery, the holidays can be a battlefield.

You have fight family food traditions you can no longer eat, dodge sometimes intrusive questions from family and friends. Perhaps most importantly, you have to fight temptation!

The Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Guide is here to bring peace to your holidays.

Not only does it give you weight loss surgery friendly recipes for such favorites as baked mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes and stuffing, but it also gives you a game plan. Like how to politely refuse grandma’s famous pie and how to ensure you always have something to eat at any holiday party you attend. There’s even a section on Hanukkah recipes, written by blogger Kosher Bariatric.

Don’t go into the holidays without a plan. Instead, play with your food!


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