BF Pre-Op Prep Kit [PDF eBook]


Preparation is the key to smooth transition after weight-loss surgery. Get the advice of thousands of post-ops to make your process easier!



As a pre-op bariatric patient, you have a lot of things to worry about. You have doctor appointments, pre-operative testing, diets to follow, weight to lose and a whole life to prepare for change!

Your bariatric practice helps a lot. They tell you what to do to prepare for surgery. But what if there were someone to show you how to prepare your entire life (mental, physical, emotional, legal, financial) for weight loss surgery?

The Bariatric Foodie Pre-Op Prep Kit gives you a jump start. Drawing on the advice of thousands of post-ops (who have been where you are and have come through just fine!) this kit gives you sound advice on how to prepare for what will be an amazing journey.

This is the information post-ops say they wish they knew before undergoing weight loss surgery, including:

  • A timeline of what to do and when, leading right up to surgery day!
  • Essentials things you should pack in your hospital bag.
  • How to get your family on-board with helping you post-op.
  • Recipes you can make ahead that will keep your family satisfied (and that you’ll eventually be able to eat with them!)

This guide is a valuable tool as you prepare for weight loss surgery. You’ll be investing in yourself a lot over the next few years. Make this one small investment first and give yourself a headstart!

IMPORTANT: This product is a PDF download, which will be sent to you via email instantly after purchase. It opens on any device that is capable of reading PDF documents.



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