Carbquik Pancakes

So I have been trying for the better part of the day to get this damn video up on the blog.

Is it there??? Is it really there???

Ok, so the Carbquik pancake…folks have been having trouble with the recipe. And that bothers me. For several reasons: firstly because as a person who dreams up recipes you never want your recipe to “not work.” Secondly, because I’m over here eating good ass pancakes every week and I feel bad that others are not having the same experience, third…well just cuz, ok???

So here is me…looking to’ up from the flo’ up. Filming a cooking segment is hard. My eternal thanks go to my camera guy (gal) for her patience and perseverence. I plan to do other segments once I get my act together and learn how to better edit the damn things. This one is ridiculously long (and grainy) but hang in there. If you want to know how to make low carb pancakes, it’s worth the time investment.

I’d like to point out a few things about this video:
#1 – I usually look WAY cuter
#2 – Normally I don’t allow my child to go around looking like old boxing promoters
#3 – the pancakes are good!!! So make them right and eat them!!!!

Carbquik Pancakes
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Carbquik Pancakes
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  1. theincredibleshrinkingfattie

    Thanks for posting this. I have found that when making pan cooked items with Carbquick, that low and slow is the best way since I have an electric stove and live at high altitude. I would just encourage people to keep trying because these are yummy!

    Ravengrrl on OH


  3. love this video. thanks for sharing and you have inspired me to try pancakes!

  4. Thank you for the video and I'm looking forward to trying CarbQuick, as I haven't had pancakes in over 3 months and have a craving! I also love how you're so down-home and a "real" person on camera. Thanks for your hard work for us post-ops out here flaying around in a new, unknown world.P.S. Your daugher's "Don King" hair is adorable!

  5. Can you post the written recipe as I can't hear the video? (i'm deaf) thanks

  6. I can! Look for it later this evening.

  7. Can I get recipe in text form? Isn't showing me video! Thanks

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