How to Make WLS-friendly Chicken Enchiladas

So ok…this video is a bit choppy. We tried some new methods of shooting stuff to make it more condensed. So put all that aside. Let me show you something…THIS is what you get at the end of the experience…

So what’s a few bad edits in exchange for THIS???

This blog is in real time people…and in real time it is 7:15, I am half naked in bed and my kids have to be at school in 30 minutes so…written recipe later! Enjoy!
How to Make WLS-friendly Chicken Enchiladas
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How to Make WLS-friendly Chicken Enchiladas
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  1. I'd like the link for the written recipe please. Thanks!

  2. Hi Flora,

    I'm getting round to writing it down! Look for it in the next week or so.

  3. Has the written recipe been posted somewhere for printing? These look fabulous!

  4. HI Anonymous!

    You can find the full recipe here:

    And at the bottom of each post there's a print-friendly button. Enjoy!

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