Reader Submission: Chrissi’s Spicy Bean Dip

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 Alrighty then! So anyone that knows me knows that Chrissi had me at the word “spicy.” I love spicy everything and anything! I love spicy so much I ate spicy through TWO pregnancies and now have some spicy-loving divas (as evidenced by the fact that I got away with putting not one but TWO habanero peppers WITH SEEDS in my last batch of my famous hot dog chili!).

Our crazy, insatiable appetite for spicyness aside, here’s the recipe Chrissi sent in:

Chrissi’s Spicy Bean Dip

1 can black beans
1 can corn
1 can black eyed peas
1 can green chili’s
1 can diced tomatoes- (Chrissi usually buys whatever is on sale but tends to look for the ones that have onion and green peppers with it.)
1 red onion- diced
1 green bell pepper-diced
8 oz of Italian dressing.  (Chrissi prefers Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Italian)
Pickled Jalapenos- optional.  I’ve used fresh before but find the pickled ones add a little more kick.


Drain and rinse the beans and corn and add to a large mixing bowl.  Drain the tomatoes and add the the bowl.  Open the chili’s and add to the bowl and mix together.  Then dice the onion and green bell pepper and add to the bowl with the beans.  Stir in chopped the jalapenos and add 8 oz of Italian dressing.  Stir and let sit over night in the fridge.  

Chrissi serves these with toasted pita chips that she makes herself.  She also serves this on a salad, with eggs and in wraps.

Thanks for this great recipe, Chrissi! If YOU have a great, WLS-friendly recipe to share, hit me up! I love to see what’s going on in your kitchen.  

Reader Submission: Chrissi's Spicy Bean Dip
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Reader Submission: Chrissi's Spicy Bean Dip
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