Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Ice Cream

You all know Kelly M. as your Foodie Vitamin Correspondent
for the Bariatric Foodie monthly e-mail newsletter (you ARE signed up, right?).
But she, like any other post-op, loves healthy yumminess too! I recently sent
her a Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar to play with. Here’s what
she did with it.

When Nik sent me this new Quest bar, it was to make protein
ice cream with it and document the process. But I realized that I left my icecream maker at my sister’s house. But that’s ok because you know what we say
here at Bariatric Foodie — play with your food! That’s why I’m going to tell
you both how I made my ice cream this time (just in case some of you don’t have
an ice cream maker) and how to make it with the ice cream maker.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Dough Protein Ice Cream
(Makes 3-4 servings)
  • 2 c. skim milk (use any
    kind of milk you like, just keep in mind that fat free milk makes ice
    cream that is less rich and creamy than ice cream usually is)
  • 1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder (I used Syntrax Nectar vanilla bean torte protein powder because I
    think it tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Click the links on the words to see the product!)
  • ½ tsp. no-calorie
    sweetener (I used Splenda, although it’s not pictured)
  • ½ tsp. sugar-free vanilla pudding
    (if you don’t have any, your ice cream should turn out fine without it,
    but it helps make it a little bit thicker and creamier)
  • One Quest chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar

Put all ingredients except the protein bar in a cup with a
lid and shake well.  You can also mix them
in a blender if you prefer. Personally, I think some brands of protein powder
mix up better in a blender, but Syntrax Nectar does just fine when I shake it.
Now, if you have an ice cream maker, pour the liquid in and
turn it on. Let it go for about 20 minutes, or whatever the instructions for
your ice cream maker say.
If you don’t have an ice cream maker, pour the liquid into a
glass and stick it in the fridge.

Then chop up the chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar into
tiny little pieces.  Or chop it into
bigger chunks if you like that better. It’s up to you. And yes, I snuck a
little taste (or two… or three…) while I was chopping. Tastes just like
chocolate chip cookie dough. I love raw cookie dough.

If you’re making your protein ice cream in an ice cream
maker, after about 20 minutes, dump the chopped up protein bar in and let it
mix for another five minutes or so.
If you’re making protein ice cream without an ice cream
maker, unfortunately, you’ve got a bit more work to do. Every 10 minutes or so,
stir up the partially frozen liquid. 
After about 20 minutes, mine looked like this.
After about 50 minutes, I had vanilla slush.  I poured the slush into a bowl, added the
chopped up protein bar, and stirred well.
I stuck the bowl in the freezer for another half hour and
voila!  Chocolate chip cookie dough
protein ice cream.  Yum!
Now, the nutritional stats for your chocolate chip cookie
dough protein ice cream will vary depending on what kind of milk you use and
what brand of vanilla protein powder you use, but I wanted to mention that my
entire batch of ice cream had about 70 grams of protein.  I’ll probably get three or four servings out
of this, so I’ll get 17 to 23 grams of protein in each delicious serving.

(Never tried the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar? Click here to read Nik’s review and then click here to order some AND support Bariatric Foodie at the same time!)

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