Riley’s Mozzarella Sticks

PWYF??? Play with your food! Learn that acronym…then we can speak in secret languages and giggle as others look confused!

Moving on…seriously. This acronym is going to become increasingly important on Bariatric Foodie in the coming months…so I want you to know what I mean while I describe a “PWYF Moment.” An e-mail I got from a reader, Melissa, perfectly describes this phenomenon.

Her son, Riley, (who is absolutely ADORABLE btw) decided to engage in a little PWYF action…

It all started with the mozzarella stick recipe

Here is young Riley, extracting the string cheeses from their packaging…
Melissa assured me that he was CLOSELY monitored as he cut the cheese sticks.

As you can see, he has his dipping station all set up…

…And into the oven they go!

…And here is Riley’s magnum opus…yummy mozzarella sticks. Don’t worry Riley…mine have burst WAY too many times to count. But based on what we’ve seen here today…you are in for culinary greatness.
(Now quit doing my job so well or people will think they don’t need me!!!)

Riley's Mozzarella Sticks
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Riley's Mozzarella Sticks
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