Pouch Party BIG Announcement!!!!

We promised that if we got 1,000 Facebook fans, we were going to go BANANAS, crazy, loco…(you get the point).

Well, we put out the challenge and you met it! It’s going to be a week of surprises for you, faithful Pouchers, and here is the first one.

You might recall us saying that we’re taking our show on the road (like, for real on the road…) in 2011. We plan to hit four regions across the U.S. and we’ve decided three of the four regions. They are:

  • Massachusetts
  • Florida/Georgia
  • Seattle/Portland

We’re still working out the exact locations, but those are places we definitely plan to hit next year! But we need your help deciding the 4th. Look to your right (we say that a lot, don’t we?). Notice there’s a new poll! Vote for where YOU would like to us to hold a Pouch Party™ event!

And just to give you an idea of how this will all go, here’s how we see regional events working:

Step One: Identifying a place where lots of people from different areas can gather

Step Two: Finding locals to help us plan. If you live in one of the areas we plan to visit, or one of the areas in the poll, and are interested in helping, hit us up! There are perks!

Step Three: Promote the heck out of it and sell tickets!

Step Four: Once we get enough tickets sold, that’s it! We’re coming!

The poll will be open for the next three weeks. We plan to announce our 4th location as a Christmas present to all our faithful readers, so be sure to vote, especially if one of these locations is accessible to you!

So go ahead…vote your heart out, share this message with your Facebook pals, Tweet it, do whatever you have to do. But above all…fight for your right to paaaaartay!!!!


  1. Not voting… but so glad you'll be coming to MA!

  2. Nothing near the PA-NY-NJ area 🙁

  3. Hey Debra,

    PA/NY/NJ is part of our normal service area. You guys can have a Pouch Party anytime you want! Hit us up to find out how. The regional events are for areas not normally covered.

  4. I live in the Sacramento, CA area – sigh – Oregon in a bit on the far side for me – and so is Arizona… I will continue to enjoy the BLOG though 🙂

  5. CANADA…….. not that far really and Ontario has a faithful crowd….They have some pretty big support groups- and I will help organize – think about it !

    To think way back when I taunted you guys and would stalk Nik and tell her dont be posting about no pouch party and not be taking it on the road- c'mon lets do a retreat for a weekend – and cook and eat … I told you then sign me up !

    Ok well at least you are hitting the road !

    …. as your unofficial self appointed PR person for North America I say RETREATS gals RETREATS!


  6. @PJ, California is in our plan for 2012. There are lots of big WLS meet & greets scheduled for the West Coast in 2011 (WLSFA in Vegas, another one in Hawaii) and we've already got local people in WA/OR working on their end. We'll get there before you know it! ~~Jen

  7. @Canadian–Oh Deb, we just love you! That's all! We'll talk about the conquering of Canada when we see you in November, we definitely want to talk it over with you. Neither of us is real clear on the best area of Canada to shoot for. But that is for sure on our list. XO ~~Jen

  8. I saw Ont. Canada – Nik is coming to Ottawa – so we can work on her then…

  9. WOOOHOOO!!! MASS!!!!!! Bring it on!!!

  10. Hey Deb this is Nik. We are moving toward retreats! We have to work on getting people out for day events though! Even as popular as we are on the web, it can be a challenge to move folks from blog lovers to ticket buyers. Once we get that process down, we're all about living the good life!

  11. I'm voting for Michigan! 🙂

  12. looking to become a groupie LOL..

  13. Colorado would so be nice! AZ,NM, and TX are too far.

  14. Didn't see the poll, so I am saying KENTUCKY. No one ever wants to come here, but we have plenty of great places.

  15. Hoping that Massachusetts will still happen this year…

  16. Memphis or Nashville area would be a great location for a pouch party. Lots of local entertainment and things to see and do outside of the Pouch Party.