Nik’s Portable Egg Scramble Kit

Do you have a default food? It seems to me that most weight loss surgery post-ops do. A default food is that food you’re almost always in the mood to eat, if all else fails. I have several. One of my default foods is eggs.

But eggs aren’t the most portable food in the world, especially for our rearranged digestive systems! If you cook them ahead and reheat them they can take on a rubbery texture. Or…your pouch/sleeve/____ (whatever you call that thing that receives food) can reject them for absolutely no good reason.

This is more a methodology than a recipe. You can do these “kits” any way you want using any ingredients you want. Microwave scrambles aren’t an original idea of mine. I first heard about them through Hungry Girl. BUT hers seem more suited to scrambling at home. I wanted to scramble at work. So…here’s how I do it.

Nik’s Portable Egg Scramble Kit 
(Let’s call this one a “whichamacallit” scramble)


In a small plastic container I put 3 oz. of liquid egg substitute. (Use however much you think you can eat in an appropriately sized container).

In a larger, microwave-safe plastic container I put:

  • Diced veggies (I used diced red and green bell peppers, onions and tomato)
  • Diced meat (I had a package of Turkey Lil’ Smokies hanging out in the fridge so I sliced a few of those up)
In a snack-sized baggie, a put a bit of shredded cheese (I used an ounce. Your mileage may vary).

When it came time to cook it up (at work), I simply added my egg substitute and cheese to my veggies and microwaved on high for a minute at a time, stirring after each minute, until the eggs were cooked. This is where the veggies came in handy. The water they release helps keep the eggs soft and agreeable to my pouch. And lookit:

A yummy egg scramble lunch (or breakfast, if eggs for lunch isn’t your thing), just for me!
This, of course, comes with a caveat. If you aren’t good with eggs, don’t try this at home! And not everyone is good with microwaved food, no matter how it’s prepared. If that’s you, proceed cautiously.

But for those who, like me, have a “pouch of steel” this is a great way to have breakfast for lunch (or dinner) when away from home!


  1. Hi I am three months out and have just found your blog. It is amazing. I love the recipes, tips and advise. Your Egg Scramble is my kind of meal. I agree Eggs are my go to food as well. Easy tasty and lots you can do with them. Thanks for the great site.

  2. I am going to try this though I do not go to work as I am retired. I can eat a small amount of egg. But if the veggies make it moist maybe that is better than the frying pan method.

  3. Real eggs ok to use? I prefer real eggs.

  4. Anonymous,

    When you play with your food you can do any old thing you wanna do. GO FOR IT!!!

  5. I have no idea what happened, but my comment disappeared. My fault – I must have pushed the wrong button.
    Thanks for the reminder to use eggs like this. Perfect for work days!
    My go to food at the moment is chili. Either chicken chili or regular chili. Either way I add tons of beans. My freezer is filled with containers of it and can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Adding tons of cheese, of course. 🙂

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