Y’all damn near broke my camera! Seriously! I tried three times to do the newbie video and my camera when apeshit. So I have to take a short hiatus from the cooking show. I plan to put up a short PSA-style vid this week but the longer ones…well they probably should be shorter anyway but even so anything longer than 5 minutes is going to take a while.

Bear with me through these technical difficulties.

What I was going to show you were some neat things you could do to get protein in when you are early out. One very easy way to get in good protein when you can only eat soft stuff is by eating greek yogurt. Now I cannot tell you how many folks I’ve seen on the boards who excitedly bought Greek yogurt (unflavored like good lil’ boys and girls), tasted it and…HATED IT!

Some advice…never eat plain Greek yogurt without anything else…unless, that is, you like eating sour cream by itself because that’s what it’ll taste like.

So for your consideration I’d like to present…”Nik’s Top 5 Super-Easy, Super-Fast” things to do with Greek yogurt (in no particular order):

1. Mix it with a bit of Splenda and sugar free syrup and throw some fresh blueberries on top
2. Mix with PB2 and Splenda for yummy peanut butter yogurt!
3. Mix a container with onion soup mix to use as a veggie dip
4. Mix with some ketchup and mustard to make French dressing
5. Throw it on top of my breakfast tostada, Mexican omelette, taco salad, etc. and use it as sour cream!!!

So the videos, God-willing, will be back next week. Stick with me please!


  1. it is also great in tomato soup if you like a "cream of tomoto" type soup. After my surg I just about lived on the stuff. Also…good mixed with some fruit baby food…like pears or peaches. I now also mix it in my protein shakes…it cuts the sweetness and adds extra protein.

  2. Greek yogurt comes in so many flavors now too! I had Strawberry by Oikos this morning.. and the other day a peach one that was sooo yummy… now if I could just rememer the brand name! LOL


  3. Dannon Chocolate cherry 80 calories YUM. Try freezing it for frozen yogurt

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