BF Top 5: Foodie Apps!

Pledge People: Remember tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 11) is the
“Shake it Up!” Challenge. Be sure to try something new and healthy tomorrow and
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I’ve been meaning to post this blog post for a while. But…you
all know the story. Life. It happens. No matter how much I tell it not to!
So we all have smartphones these days. The best thing about
smartphones is that there are a bazillion apps that can help you do…anything.
Just anything.
I thought I’d take a moment to highlight a few of my
favorite apps (just in case you need some inspiration for something new to try).
Nike+ Running App
Now don’t be intimidated by the name, Foodies! This app
works whether you walk or run but here’s what’s cool about this app:
  1. It tells you how far you’ve gone. Even the best guestimators
    like to have accurate info and this app will give it to you.
  2. It tells you your walking/running pace. So you can see over
    time how you are improving.
  3. It allows your friends on Facebook to “cheer you on.” If you
    enable Facebook from the app it will post when you are out walking/running. If
    your friends like that post your phone will erupt into applause. I’m here to
    tell you sometimes that’s just the thing you need to energize yourself!

Cost: FREE!
My Fitness Pal
This is a food tracking app! It really does equip you with
the tools to make good eating decisions. Here’s the lowdown. It:
  1. Has a large database of foods to choose from so the food you’re
    eating is probably in there. But even better…
  2. You can scan the barcode of many food packages (with your
    phone camera) and if it’s in the database you can log a portion of that food
    right from the barcode.
  3. You can set up personal caloric goals to meet your needs.

Cost: FREE!
I learned about this app at FitBloggin’ last year. I love it.
Here’s what it does: 
  1. Gives you a workout anytime, anywhere.
  2. You can choose how much time you have and what part of your
    body you’d like to work and it will give you an appropriate routine right there
    on your phone!
  3. Each move comes with short videos demonstrating the move so
    it’s virtually impossible to get lost.

Cost: Regular – FREE!, Pro – $0.99
Grocery Hero
This app is so handy. Picture it: Tuesday night. Work was a
BEAST. You get home and you don’t feel like going back out. You look in the
fridge and find you have what seems like a random assortment of food and you’re
just too tired to be creative. Grocery Hero will:
  1. Allow you to put in what you have and it’ll give you recipe
  2. Give you ideas for remixing leftovers.
  3. Calculate nutritional information based on the recipes you
    picked (and can read barcodes on food to give you fairly accurate information).

Cost: FREE!
Fresh Box
I just downloaded this one myself but I’m actually excited
to play with it. Does managing the contents of your fridge sometimes stress you
out? It does for me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into my veggie
bin to find everything has turned to mush because I never got to it. Fresh box
allows you to snap a pic of the inside of your fridge and categorize items,
adding expiration dates to anything you want to keep an eye on. Like I said, I
haven’t used this one too much but if it can save me from those icky bags of
dead zucchini, I’ll love it forever!
Cost: $1