Your Best Hot Dog Options After WLS

Barbecue season is coming. Now aside from the mental preparation of surviving a family barbecue, I thought it might be nice for us to…contemplate our options with regards to traditional grilling choices.

First up…the hot dog. I looooooove a good hot dog. Especially that one that the cook left on the grill too long so it looks like a fourth degree burn victim? Yep, that’s my dawg!

Did you know you CAN have a hot dog after weight-loss surgery? Honestly, you can. You can even have a chili dog.

These days I go for a regular dog (or polish sausage) and split it with one of the divas (regular hot dogs = animal fat = my pouch doesn’t like more than a few bites). But if you want to watch the content of your dogs, you also have options. Here are a few of my favorites.

Nik’s “Best in Class” Dog Competition

Best beef frank: Hebrew National 97% Fat Free hot dog

That’s not how much they cost at my local grocery store, by the way. This is not my image. I am sort of afraid to lurk the grocery store with a camera. To me that says I’ve taken this whole thing a bit too far…

I liked this dog a lot. The only thing is it is about as skinny as I WANT to be. I like a plump dog. Flavor-wise, this grills up nicely and SMELLS like a hot dog. To me, the pleasure of a hot dog is about 75% in the smell of it. There is just nothing like it. For my non-American readers…if you don’t grill hot dogs you can’t get this one. But trust me…it is heavenly. At any rate, it is 40 calories a dog, 6g protein. Not bad for a hot dog. Not bat atall…

Best “Junk in the Trunk” Beef Dog: Ball Park Fat-Free Franks

Normally I am diametrically opposed to fat free hot dogs. It just seems wrong. Like fat free peanut butter. But these are actually good. These I actually tried specifically FOR this post because I wanted to give an option that wasn’t a skinny dog (it’s the dog in yesterday’s chili dog post). I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is nice, the skin crusts up nicely when I “put the burn on it” and under all the stuff I put on hot dogs, it held its own. Nice job, Ballpark! At any rate, it is 50 calories, 6g of protein.

Best non-beef frank: Jennie-O Turkey Franks

I got a pack of these at Save-A-Lot and, having gotten them from that particular store, didn’t have very high hopes. (Sorry…I’m on team Aldi!) But I was pleasantly surprised. Jenny-O managed to come up with a pretty good dog on the overall. This, to me, is a good dog to top with stuff. It doesn’t have that strong of a smoky aroma or flavor that you’d get with a beef or pork dog but the seasoning is nice and at 70 calories, you can put other stuff ON it and still come out with a meal of reasonable calories. My suggestion? Some kickin’ hot dog chili and a sprinkle of cheese. I skip the bun but if you feel like you can handle it, I suggest Arnold flat hot-dog buns. It gives you the bun experience without all the extra stuff in the middle.

Best vegetarian dog: Smart Dogs

How in the WORLD does a soy dog manage to beat out a meat one in protein AND calories? I know not, but Smart dogs does it. 45 calories and 8 grams of protein (and it’s fat free)! I’ve had these once and wasn’t told it was a soy dog. I couldn’t really tell (this, arguably, could be because me eating a hot dog is really like me eating toppings with a SIDE of hot dog). It even sort of smells like a hot dog. Mind you, it isn’t the oily, smoky, savory-ness that is a traditional hot dog, but I liked it very much. And my pouch did not hurt from eating a whole one. As with the Jenny-O hot dog…you can pile stuff on this one and be ok calories wise.


  1. B Lu

    Thanks for posting! I love me a good chili dog. Love the Varsity dogs but alas we have to find something instead of stuff like that. I shall try what you suggested!
    aka: peachynptc on OH

  2. Nica

    Thanks for posting this. I actually have a package of Jennie-O turkey dogs in my fridge. I keep forgetting they are there, but since we're into a long holiday weekend, I might just break open the package, have one and freeze the rest. I think I can make it through one dog before getting full! – Nica

  3. Eugenta

    You must have been reading my mind…I so been wanting a hot dog. Just one with a char on it a mustard. You've made my day. Thanks so much!

  4. ChrissyD70

    The Hebrew National 97% fat free are even MORE fab when bbq'ed when smoking ribs or using hickory wood… I was blown away. The Jenne-O Turkey dogs are great too. Even the ones with cheese inside!

  5. Anonymous

    We really like the Ball Park smoked white turkey bun size hot dogs. One dog is 45 calories, 6 gr protein, and zero fat. In the Baltimore area, I buy them at Shop Rite or sometimes Target has them in stock.