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Apple-Cinnamon Protein Muffins

  You know what’s hard? Living in a house with non-ops who have no qualms about eating stuff that would kill me. Now granted, I love to bake so occasionally I’ll bake them a cake or make some biscuits for breakfast but it’s rare (a fact that is much complained about in my house…but when I say moderation, I mean …

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Nik’s Christmas Cookie Protein Shake

  I know, I know…there’s nothing like a cookie. It’s true! Especially a Christmas cookie. Oh, sweet confection! But we’re living differently these days and although we have options for cookies (check out, for example, my flourless coconut macaroons or my No-Flour Almond Butter Cookies), sometimes you just want something a little festive. Right? (Say right.) This is one of …

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Protein Pumpkin Roll Cake

So we at Bariatric Foodie are all about equal opportunity. We believe that post-op WLS patients have the same right to yummy food as everyone else. We also believe we should have our own indulgences. The account that follows is my attempt to fulfill an indulgence of my own. Please take note of a few things before we start on this …

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