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No-Sugar Added Ramekin Blueberry Cobblers

I think I’ve mentioned before my kids live with their dad in the summer. This year he lives in Texas. I live in Maryland. So off they went to Texas, the same weekend I flew off to Haiti (sniff…sniff…). What does that have to do with these cobblers? Well. Them being gone means a few things. First, that I have …

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Protein Orange Creamsicles (featuring Premier Protein)

They call this weekend the “unofficial” start of summer. Damn that. I’m calling it. It’s summer! I mean after the winter we had? We deserve it. (Unless of course you don’t like summer in which case…sorry…I love it so forgive my obnoxiousness over the next few months.) Raise your hand if the highlight of your summer day as a kid …

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Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Parfait (featuring Premier Protein)

Long-time readers…I know what you’re going to say, ok? I KNOW. Yes this is the gamillionty-seventh cheesecake-inspired recipe on this blog. But Google Analytics says 90+% of you reading this have never been to this blog before so…hi. I’m Nikki. And I like cheesecake! But as we all know cheesecake can be fatty and sugary and all sorts of things …

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Panera Knock-Off: Nik’s “Something Chicken Stew”

 “This looks fancy…” That was my youngest daughter’s reaction when she looked at the contents of the slightly modified bowl I presented her this past weekend. (I’ll tell you why the modification in a sec.) Now to her, “fancy” is a good adjective. With the elder girl, not so much. I was quite pleased how this recipe turned out, mostly …

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Ramekin Peach Pies

Break out your ramekins, kids, it’s time for more fun! Next up: peach pie! When trying to think of something sweet I experienced a phenomenon I call “information overload.” Quite simply, there were too many choices and I couldn’t decide which one to move forward with. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a minute, you know I …

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