Hot Protein Drink: The Hot Blondie

~by Nikki

(No men readers…not the “hot blonde.” Although, I did toy with calling it that.)

S’anyway peeps…a friend of mine gave me a sample size of two of the syrups I’ve been wanting to try..Torani sugar-free Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Davinci sugar-free Praline. She gave me three ounces of each and I really didn’t want to waste them. The way I see it, three ounces is enough to test a protein drink for you guys my requisite three times. But what to make?

I thought about it and thought about it and then it hit me. In my former obese days, I used to love a good blondie. Have you ever had one? It’s a brownie for people who don’t like chocolate. Don’t get me wrong. If forced to choose I’m definitely on team brownie but…blondies are nice because you can accentuate them with really warm flavors and still get a yummy, chewy dessert.


Me and dessert don’t usually “get down like that.” It’s not a matter of virtue but of logistics. Dessert, for me, is a separate meal. I have enough trouble getting the meals in that I need to get my protein, fiber, good fats, etc. in. Adding one that doesn’t have an inherent nutrition benefit is hard.

So I decided to try and replicate a good blondie in a hot protein drink. Check it out:

Nik’s “Hot Blondie” Protein Drink


8 oz. milk + 4 more oz.
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3 pumps sugar free Praline syrup
3 pumps sugar free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup
no-calorie sweetener, to taste

Optional: fat-free whipped cream mixed with sugar-free caramel syrup


(NOTE: Everyone seems to have their own method of preparing hot protein drinks. This is one of mine. If you have a way that you like better, go for it!)

Mix protein powder and sweetener with 4 oz. of milk in a 12 oz. mug until a smooth paste forms. Add syrups.

Heat 8 oz. milk separately (I usually heat mine on the stove. It seems nostalgic. But you can nuke it if you want). When the milk is hot and frothy, slowly add it to the colder mixture, stirring as you pour.

You SHOULD wind up with a smooth, lump free drink. Top with flavored whipped cream, if desired, and a dash of cinnamon for some extra flair!

Now this drink is highly “customizable.” Don’t have either of the syrups I used? No problem! Sugar-free caramel works well. So does sugar-free hazelnut or sugar-free white chocolate! Play with it and come up with something that works for you!

This drink is warm and yummy and totally reminds me of my beloved dessert. If there’s a flavor syrup you’d like us to find a use for, be sure to hit us up! We don’t mind experimenting!


  1. I would love to see what you ladies can do with Sugar free Almond Syrup, I don't have a clue and I think I've used it once as an afterthought to a plain chocolate protein
    shake…Unless it was done already :P!

  2. Check under "Favorite Recipes/Protein Shake list/Shakes that taste like candy" I believe there is an Almond Joy recipe in there.

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