Food for thought…and action!

See that do-hickey to your right…the one with the picture of the GORGEOUS woman on it?

Yeah…that thing.

That’s my charity badge. I got a goal people…to raise $500 to feed hungry people around the world.

Why is this important to me? (And more importantly why should you care?)

Well I had RNY to save my life because I ate WAY too much food. There are people in the world who are living on $1 a day or less. Women who forego food so that they can scrape together one meal a day for their children. Families who don’t have welfare, or food stamps, or any other help to get food. And so they simply do not eat.

It boggles my mind that in America we have an obesity problem when in the world so many are starving. So I want to help. For many reasons, but mainly because:

  1. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy – ok, that’s really selfish
  2. Because no matter how poor I think I am…my poor doesn’t even TOUCH the poverty of people in places like Burkina Faso and El Salvador
  3. Because I have children and I can’t imagine not being able to feed them
  4. Because if I was hungry I would want someone to feed me

So anyway, I am appealing to all of you. Lutheran World Relief, my chosen charity, doesn’t just hand out food. They help farmers grow crops and earn income to support their families. They help poor communities dig wells so they can have clean water. Basically they help people to help themselves.Check out their website if you’d like and if your heart is moved to give, I give you thanks. If not, I thank you for reading this. My goal is to raise $500 this summer and I’m trying to hit up my richie aunt to match my donation. I’ll keep you posted on that!

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