FitBloggin’ 2012 – Day One Report

Need I say more??? Yes? Well ok, then!

As I said yesterday, I am attending the FitBloggin’ 2012 Conference here in Baltimore with my pals Melting Mama and Eggface. Today, the festivities kicked off with a tour of the McCormick Spice facilities in Hunt Valley, MD and the above is the lunch they served us. Actually, I misspeak. That was PART of the lunch. I didn’t take everything they offered but everything they offered was healthful and yummy.


Well because they are promoting an effort for healthful eating they are calling Generation Fresh (Twitter handle: @Spices4Health, hashtag #GenFresh on Twitter). You see, they believe food can be healthy and flavorful without added sodium, fat and sugar. God bless ’em!

Here’s the menu of food they offered us:

During our tour we also go to see several food demonstrations and we got to see how flavor research is done. I took pictures of it all and you can see all the great pics on the Bariatric Foodie Facebook Page!
Once we were done at McCormick, I came back to the hotel and got my swag bag. OMG! I could not believe the stuff I scored! I’m…um…kinda poor so I get excited at swag bags. Lookit!
And that isn’t even ALL the swag, just what I could fit in the picture. Notice to the right…SHOES! All my single moms will probably relate to the fact that I don’t get new shoes often. I just learn to make them last so I can buy the kids pair after pair that they grow out of, mess up or otherwise render un-wearable. So to get some new workout shoes was a blessing. THANK YOU REEBOK!
But after the swag bag something REALLY exciting happened. I ran into a few people you guys might recognize:
In the green is the absolutely fabulous Michelle Vicari, aka “Eggface” and in the black is the notoriously fierce  Beth Sheldon-Badore aka “Melting Mama.” It was so comical when we saw each other. I started screaming and barreled toward them with arms spread open. It’s a wonder they didn’t run in the other direction! 
That was a moment for me. I think I’ve said before but I will say again that Eggface inspired me to cook and to start this blog. Meeting her is definitely a highlight! And Beth? Even though we’d met several times before it’s always great to see her again! 
Tomorrow I’ll be live blogging my session at the conference (this is how I got free registration!) called “the business of blogging.” Never has there been a session I needed to be in more, frankly!
Look for an update tomorrow with all I learned and some of the great people I am meeting.
Until then, FoodieS!


  1. Wow – sounds like an awesome start to the conference!! And SCORE on the swag bag – woo hoo!

    Enjoy and keep posting pictures, please!

  2. It was really great meeting you yesterday! I love meeting new bloggers, especially BALTIMORE-based bloggers. Hope to see you today, and in the future at the Waverly food market!

  3. Sounds like an awesome time so far! Congrats on the goodies!

  4. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you too 🙂 didn't remember your name so was cool to click on the link Karen had for you on her blog 🙂 Funny how that happens sometimes. Since you're in Baltimore maybe at some point we'll get to meet again 🙂

  5. Hi Nikki! I meant to come up and introduce myself at FB as I was moved to tears by your words in the When You Have A Lot To Lose discussion. You were so articulate, moving, honest and just plain kickass. Really looking forward to reading more of your words here 🙂

  6. It was so great to meet you! I appreciated you sharing the story about your mom – I lost mine too. Thank you for opening yourself up.

  7. Enjoyed your post. I just ran across fitblogger. Sounds interesting. Would love to check it out one year.

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