Cook Along Contest: Courtney’s Beefy Cabbage & Quinoa Soup

~~posted by Jen

Courtney’s Beefy Cabbage & Quinoa Soup.

Our friend Courtney was inspired by Nik’s Cabbage Sausage Stew during Soup Week, and she made a couple of interestingly delicious changes in her own version. This is why we always say, “Play with your food, people!” You never know what kind of delectable creation will come of it!

Instead of sausage, Courtney used ground beef. She also had some leftover quinoa, so she added that in as well to bump the protein up even more. I definitely have to try this version, it looks too good to resist!

Thanks for cooking along with us, Courtney! Great job playing with your food! Make sure to check your email for a note from us.

We have one more entrant from the Cook Along contest that will be shared later this week. Keep trying new things, y’all! If it works out great, send it our way with a pic so we can share it with all our Poucher Pals!

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