Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

~~posted by Jen

Nik’s Southwestern Scramble

In my family we have a tradition of waking up early on Christmas morning, opening gifts, and then enjoying a nice breakfast together as a family. I know that is pretty common in most families. You want a delicious meal for your family that won’t blow YOUR plan, but how to do that without lots of work and mess?
We’ve got your back! Nik and I love coming up with tasty weekend morning breakfast treats, so we already have quite a few you can refer to that are both easy to make and something that everyone will love for the perfect Christmas morning spread.
You can set up a “Parfait Bar” with the ingredients for my Daybreak Protein Parfait and let everyone help themselves. Put some pretty glasses at one end, then each ingredient in a separate bowl so people can make them however they like.
Put a platter of fresh fruit alongside the parfait bar, with a thermos of coffee and a carafe of something cold to drink. I like to mix the Diet V8 Fusion Juice with a little bit of Diet Sprite or Club Soda for a refreshing alternative to Fruit Juice. If you’re early out and not cleared for carbonated drinks, you can serve it without the “fizzy mix-in.” A big pitcher of Crystal Light Sunrise is a good replacement for Orange Juice.
Now let’s talk about the main dish. Depending on what your family prefers, we have a few tasty choices. SOS is always a breakfast favorite, served on toast. It’s also delicious on grits if your family likes grits.
Creamed Chipped Beef AKA “SOS”

Vegetarians in the crowd who don’t eat eggs? Nik’s Vegetarian Breakfast Tostada is a delicious alternative for the non-carnivores who also happen to not eat eggs. (I know there is an official term for that, but I can’t think of it at this moment.)
If your family is into eggs and you have a big crowd to feed, I’d say one of my Frittatas or Nik’s Southwestern Scramble would be just the ticket. You can double any of the recipes to feed more than 8 people. For a smaller crowd, Nik’s Egg Rosettes are delicious and festive.
If you need to get food out quickly, then I wouldn’t suggest making these as the main dish for a big crowd of mostly non-ops, because you can only make them in batches of 12 or so. For larger groups, they are perfect side “bites” and everyone always raves over them. Protein Latkes make a delicious accompaniment to any of these main dishes.

Bananas Foster French Toast

More into sweet things? How about Stuffed French Toast is a good one, as is the Bananas Foster French Toast. If you’re making this for a large crowd, I wouldn’t waste a whole loaf of P-28 bread feeding non-ops. (But then I am cheap like that.) Substitute your favorite multigrain bread and it works just as well.

If you need a “grab and go” type breakfast that everyone can eat on the way to Grandma’s house, make up a big batch of “Egg Nik-Muffins” and you’re good to go! We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas morning together. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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