BF Weekly Round-up (week of 2/14)

This is something new I’m trying out. I figured it’d be an easy way to summarize everything we’ve covered on Bariatric Foodie this week!

Monday: we went over the details of the Pouch Party Pledge and announced the winner!

Tuesday: For all the Reuben lovers in the house, I offer the recipe for my adorable Reubein ramekin!

Wednesday: We visited the BF Kid Zone to use up the leftover low-carb pie crust from last week to make low-carb/low-fat/high-fiber pocket sandwiches and I shared the Seven Habits of a Bariatric Foodie. Are you one?

Thursday: I took a day off! Whew!

Friday: I showed you how to make a WLS-friendly version of a breakfast treat featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” – Captain Nik’s Protein French Toast!

Saturday: I called for Pouch Party Pledge Week 3 check-ins! Have you submitted yours yet? If not, you have until 8 p.m. today (Sunday)!

So there you have it…a week’s worth of Bariatric Foodie. Stay tuned next week when we’ll:

  • Go into the FINAL week of the Pouch Party Pledge!
  • Debunk the myth that you can’t have your taco salad in a taco bowl!
  • Swing by the “peach pit” for some more ramekin fun!

Stay tuned…and keep playing with your food!