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We here at Bariatric Foodie don’t purposely pimp any certain publications, and we tend to dance to the music in our twisty little heads rather than the beat of someone else’s drum.  However, once in awhile we come across a book, magazine, website, cookbook, (you get the idea) that we think would be helpful/interesting/beneficial/insert your own adjective here and want to share it with you in our “Top 5.”

This week I was browsing along through my Amazon order history, looking for something I ordered a couple years back, and I stumbled across the myriad WLS books I bought before my RNY in July 2008.  Yes, I bought many.  Yes, I read them all.  No, they weren’t all helpful.  But there were a few that really helped me, some that I refer back to even today at almost 2 years post-op.  In no particular order, I give you……Bariatric Foodie’s Top 5 WLS Books.

1.) The Expert’s Guide to Weight-Loss Surgery by Garth Davis, MD.
I heart Dr. Garth, like in a deep abiding kinda way.  He breaks it down and gets real with WLS from a professional’s point of view.  If you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to go through with weight-loss surgery, this is definitely a good read for you.  I still refer back to this book (that would be my personally autographed copy I got at the OH conference in NY….have I mentioned I heart him?).

2. Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth. This book is notsomuch about weight loss surgery as it is the journey to understanding emotional eating, and working through some of the mental stuff that causes us to eat. Geneen Roth is a nationally acclaimed writer on the topics of emotional eating and weight loss. I am always inspired by her writings, she “gets it.”

3. The Emotional First Aid Kit by Cynthia L. Alexander
I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this book for all stages of weight loss surgery patients.  This covers all the head crap that no one tells us will be the absolute hardest part of the whole journey.  I can’t even tell you how many times I go back to this book.

4. Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies by Marina S. Kurian, Barbara Thompson, and Brian K. Davidson
Just like the title implies, this book covers all the nuts and bolts of weight loss surgery both before and after.

5. Life After Gastric Bypass: 6 Steps to Ensure Your Weight Loss Success by Gerald Wayne
This is a great guide for us “Afters.”  It gives lots of helpful info on maintenance and maintaining your success once the “honeymoon” is over.

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  1. I'm just done reading with this book – boy, its full of some wonderful life-changing advice. I think I will start the book over when I am finished…just to make sure I get everything. And then I will read it again. Its that kind of book. Geneen Roth writes well and connects with about every eating issue.

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