Five Easy, WLS-Friendly Summer Recipes

We’re now in what I like to call “the thick of summer.” The first day of summer has passed. The 4th of July has passed. Now it’s time to settle into summer until Labor Day gets here. I actually like the thick of summer. Holidays sometimes stress me out. You either have to host something or contribute a dish to something. I’d much rather have a lazy day with good food.

Here’s a few recipes perfect for the thick of summer.

Thai Shrimp Skillet. This one was a contribution from one of our long-time Foodies, Julia! It’s a skillet meal that combines all the luxurious flavors of Thai food into an easy, low-carb, high-protein meal!

Here’s your Thai Shrimp Skillet recipe!

S’mores Protein Pudding. I mean c’mon…what says summer like S’mores??? When Torani released this sugar-free flavor I was so excited. So. Excited! You can make this as a pudding or dump it into popsicle molds for a delicious, chocolatey, marshmallow-y frozen treat!

Here’s your S’mores Protein Pudding recipe!

Buffalo-Style Chicken Meatballs. So to be fair, I do this one in the oven, which is a bit counter-intuitive during the summer. These meatballs can also be cooked in a slow cooker (use whatever method works best for you). I LOVE me some buffalo wings. They actually remind me of both summer and football season, so expect to see this suggestion again come fall!

Here’s your Buffalo-Style Chicken Meatball recipe!

Protein Orange Creamsicles (featuring Premier Protein)

Protein Orange Creamsicles. This is a more recent post but I swear…I’m on my third batch of these things! (To be fair the kids lapped up some before leaving for the summer and my boyfriend seems to like them as well.) It’s cool and cream and, best of all, three ingredients!

Here’s your Protein Orange Creamsicle recipe!

Sugar-free Tropical Lemonade

No-Sugar Added Tropical Lemonade. When I posted this recipe I got a lot of “Why not just make Crystal Light?” Ohhhhh, Foodies. Have you tasted real lemonade? Made from real lemons? It’s out of this world! This recipe is really intended to be an occasion drink more than a “this is what I drink every day” because it does take some effort. But for the experience of having cool, tart, refreshing, real lemonade…I think you’re worth it. But I may be biased.

Here’s your No-Sugar Added Lemonade recipe!