BF Top 5: Items Newbies Should Check Out!

Hi Foodies,

Life has been a bit hectic lately. I’ve been setting up the
new “Foodie headquarters”, trying DESPERATELY to not own the house I owned
before I moved to this house and trying to get two children ready to go off to
two different summer locations.
BUT…you all are always in my mind. Today, I’d like to
address a question I get fairly often. Pre-ops email me all the time to ask in
what they should invest for after surgery. Usually this question involves “which
protein powder should I buy?” which is  tough question to answer for many reasons. BUT
there are some kitchen tools and whatnot that you can invest in before surgery
that will serve you well for a long time to come.

In no particular order (and click the title of each for info on where to buy):
I was not a believer at first but I’ve had mine a year and I
actually do use it quite a bit. I make smoothie kits and when I make a really
big casserole, I slice individual portions and vacuum seal them for future
lunches or days when I just plain don’t feel like cooking.
If you don’t have one already, I’d suggest the most basic
one. I got the one with all the bells and whistles and last year when I went to
do the shake kits for the holidays, it couldn’t keep up as well as its more
affordable counterpart! So more expensive is not always better.
Yeah…eyeballing portions wasn’t my forte in the beginning.
Nowadays I’ve been working with food so much and for so long that I can
guesstimate weight, volume, calories and protein with razor-like precision!
But until you get there, this is a nifty little tool. It
allows you to program in the stats on the serving size foods you commonly use
and it will adjust those stats based on how much of the food you put on the
This one is also good if you find you’ve fallen off track.
Many times we don’t think we’re eating that much…but we are. (Present company
Ok, so you don’t need a fancy one but I have seen a practice
among savvy post-ops who (don’t let the scale act as the sole narrator of
their WLS success story
) that I think is brilliant. I wish I did it along
the way.

I’ve seen folks who pick out a basic outfit (jeans, black tank, whatever) and
stand in the same spot, every single (month/week/whatever) and take a picture.
It may seem simple but it does something phenomenal. It gives you perspective!
Sometimes we can’t see the changes we’re undergoing in the mirror. But those
pictures are evidence. And since they are consistent (same spot, same type of
outfit) you can’t go “well it’s because those jeans make me look smaller…but I’m
really still big!” Nope. You are getting smaller and there’s the proof.
It doesn’t have to be a Britta but a filtering water bottle,
in my estimation, is worth its weight in gold. I can drink water from a tap and
it will taste good in this thing because it filters out impurities. And the
earth will thank you too.  HOWEVER, a
simple water bottle will do. And while you’re at it, get a good shaker bottle
too so that your protein shakes don’t turn “50 Shades of Grey.”
Because (Nik) there is no excuse (Nik) for not taking your
vitamins (Nik)!
A good pill organizer can go anywhere with you so you can
pop your dose of vitamins wherever you are. And if you get the water bottle you
have good tasting water to go along with.
So there you have it. Five simple investments you can make
to get your WLS journey off to a successful start. And each of these things will
continue to serve you down the line.
What items have you bought that have been useful along the
way? Share in the comments!


  1. I second the food scale. Until I was further out, I had a hard time telling if I was full or not. Now at 2 years I have no trouble at all, but that wasn't always the case. I would measure out 2.5 ozs of lean protein, eat it, and be done.

  2. TheJuliaNelson

    On Food Network, I've seen Iron Chefs use the vacuum sealer to instantly marinate meat. Put meat and marinade in the bag, vacuum seal it, let it sit a few minutes.

  3. Hey Nik! I take my weekly Saturday picture. It's just a quick self-shot off my cell phone of my face. My plan, once I have 52 of them is to put them altogether in video format. I've got a few ideas for a soundtrack for that. 😉
    I also take my monthly anniversary picture. I do a front and side shot in the same place for that. Whichever one of my children happens to be around stands in the same place for those, too.

  4. A good protein shake cup. My favorite is a cup with a lid, but it's not a blender bottle. No little metal ball thing in there. I usually use Syntrax Nectar and it mixes up just fine by just shaking my cup. The lid has a small hole in the center for a straw and it came with a reusable straw, but I discovered it was very hard to clean the inside of the straw so I finally threw it out and just use disposable straws (though I do wash them and use them a couple times before disposing of them). I just hold my finger over the hole while I shake it up, then put the straw in. The cup holds about 16 ounces and if the protein smell bothers you, the lid hides it pretty well. For some reason I really prefer drinking my shakes out of this cup and although I have others, I usually prefer to wash this one if it's dirty rather than using a different one.

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