BF Top 5: How Nik does Mexican…

Next Thursday is a special day in three very special ways.

#1 – It is Cinqo de Mayo…let the margaritas pour!
#2 – I’m going to bare all to the blogosphere along with some of your favorite WLS bloggers
#3 – For way more personal reasons…it is my late grandfather’s, Manuel Fernandez, birthday. He did eight years ago of cancer that formed as a result of meds he was taking for Alzheimer’s. He was the center of my world and I honor him on that day!!!

So…for all these reasons, I feel like we should celebrate! To start us off, I thought I’d give you guys an idea of how Nik does Mexican. Because there are quite a few quasi-Mexican dishes on this blog. So…in no particular order…

Taco Casserole

One of my worst photos…one of my BEST recipes!

Taco Casserole is still the recipe I get the most feedback on of any of the recipes I’ve ever posted. It has everything you love about Mexican food in it and has the added bonus of being newby friendly! WOOT.

Chicken Enchiladas

This one is the divas favorite. In fact, I was discussing our Cinqo de Mayo menu and they both requested my homemade enchiladas (although the little diva said she could also go for some “plain old tacos” as she put it). My version is low in fat, high in protein with great fiber to boot! I have graduated to eating a whole one (one day I lost my mind and thought I could eat two…yeah…the pouch corrected that thinking quick, fast and in a hurry!), but this recipe is cool because you can cut off a piece that’s just right for YOU.

Protein Mojito

One of my favorite mocktails, this drink gives you the great flavor of a mojito without the embarrassing memories, hang-over or, for some of us, the walk of shame (just sayin’…)

Mexican Lasagna

This is a nifty Rachel Ray knock-off (although I’m quite sure she didn’t invent it). It’s sort of like Taco Casserole for the more mature pouch. This is not to say newbies can’t partake, but there’s a lot of fiber in this thing. Proceed at your own risk!

And a new recipe…

I’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter about my latest protein shake obsession: Mexican Chocolate Protein shake. This isn’t an original idea (by a long shot). I’d seen Mexican chocolate things on Food Network and other places. Everyone seems to have their own version. Here’s how I make mine:

Nik’s Mexican Chocolate Protein Shake

8 oz. milk (I use Hood Calorie Countdown chocolate)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 tsp good instant decaf coffee

A few (to taste) generous shakes of cinnamon

No-calorie sweetener to taste

Mix it up via the Triple X method. Or not. Your choice. I top with a dollop of fat free whippage and an additional sprinkle of cinnamon. NOM!

So those are my top five…there are many honorable mentions…like my Mexican Egg Casserole for instance or my taco bowls…but since this is a Top 5 I had to excercise some decisiveness and…you know…not give you ALL the links I wanted to give 😉

(I also feel compelled to note that even though my grandfather’s name is Manuel Fernandez, I am not of Mexican descent – he is of Portugese descent – so my OBSESSION with Mexican food and all the resulting recipes are nothin’ but love for a great style of cooking with yummy food!)

Look for a few new Mexican recipes this week!


  1. Just made your taco casserole…I am so excited to try it once it cools. Thanks for the yummy idea for my dinner! P.s. Do you mind if I share it on my blog as long as I give your site credit? Thanks 🙂

  2. Amy – WOOT! I prefer when folks make my recipes to use a pic of YOUR wonderful creation and your method for cooking it (which often differs at least somewhat from mine) with a link back to the original recipe and a shout out! Hope that helps 🙂

  3. It does, thanks! I LOVEEEED it! I will wait to post pics of mine until I make it again so I have time to see how I may make any part od that delicious thing different. But I will make sure to put the link to the original and give you a huge shout out! Love your skillet recipe you posted tonight too and I may make that different just by using 93/7 ground turkey for that one too! Thanks again! You rock!

  4. I can't wait to try the shake! Just got a fill this morning and can't seem to tolerate any foods right now, lol.

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