BF Review: Oh Yeah! Wafers

~by Nikki

ISS Oh Yeah! Protein Wafer Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1.34-Ounce Bars in 9-Count Boxes
Oh Yeah! Chocolate Peanut Butter Wafers

Now that life has settled down a bit, I’d like to get back to reviewing some of the things that folks have sent me over the past few months.

Next up…Oh Yeah! wafers. These came by way of a very good friend from Arizona (she knows who she is). I was excited to try them because I always loved wafer cookies. I found some sugar free ones (damn Voortmans!) but they weren’t giving me anything back in terms of nutrition so I had to end that romance.

So my friend sent me a BUNCH of these. Usually, I keep my goodies to myself, but the sheer amount of the bars, along with the fact that my nosey children “discovered” them (aka I couldn’t get rid of them while opening the box), gave me leave to…gulp…share…ugh…(I missed that day in kindergarden folks).

I was given two kinds of these bars–chocolate peanut butter and double chocolate. Can you guess which one I went for first? (Anybody? Bueller?)

The chocolate peanut butter of course! I’m not sure if it is because it was summer time (and the bars shipped from Arizona), but when I opened them the outer chocolate coating scraped right off the bar. Well that wasn’t going to work, so in a futile attempt to save future bar tastings, I re-wrapped that bar and put it, along with the rest of them, in the freezer.

A few days later I came back to them. This time more of the chocolate stayed on but some still peeled off. But a curious thing happened. It wasn’t frozen solid. Are Oh Yeah! wafers like alcohol? They never freeze completely? I dunno. All I know is everything else in my freezer was frozen. The wafers were not.

Anyhoo…ONCE AGAIN…my children’s “stuff” radar went off and so it wasn’t long before they were up in my face like “can I have sooooooome???” (you know how kids do) So I decided to split it with them to get see if the bars were “diva approved.”

Let’s just say I only got one bite of that bar. And the next time I went to the freezer for another a few days later…my stock had been reduced by half. I think that qualifies as diva approved, don’t you?

ISS Research Oh Yeah! Protein Wafers - Chocolate Chocolate Flavor (9 Wafers)
Oh Yeah! Chocolate Chocolate Wafers

Anyway…my impressions.

Well, the peanut butter flavor isn’t quite peanut-buttery enough for me (but then most peanut butter isn’t peanut buttery enough either so that’s not saying much). The chocolate-chocolate was a little better. The outer chocolate coating is ok. It’s not particularly sweet (to me…again…keep in mind I am a Splenda crackhead).

When the coating didn’t peel, and I got a bite of everything in my mouth, it was quite good. But the sweetness seems to hinge entirely on the coating. No coating=no sweetness. Which I guess is ok if I could feel confident that I’d get the coating ON the bar.

But in more positive news, the kids fricking love the things. They want me to order more.

Will I? Wellllll…considering a tumbleweed just blew through my pantry the other day, I think maybe not. BUT…if I happened upon them on sale or something I would pick them up for my babies.

For my money, I’d just as soon stick with Chocolite chocolate PB bars. Less calories, a lil’ fiber, a lil’ protein. 100 calories. Good to go!

Verdict: Divas Say Decline