BF “Mac Attack!” – the “Nik Wrap”

I will admit that I find 99.9% of the food at McDonald’s objectionable. Even before surgery. Their burgers…ehnnn…they’re ok. Their fries are good, but of course they are a slippery slope for me. Salads? Chick-Fil-A is better. Desserts…let’s not go there, k?

The exception is (was?) the limited time offering of the Mac Wrap. Now I wasn’t a Big Mac eater ever, but something about the flavor combination of that burger always wooed me—two all-beef patties (wtf?), special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions AND a sesame seed bun (with an extra little naked bun in the middle just for fun).

So when they came up with the Mac Wrap, I was excited. Cuz at 2+ years out I can eat a lil’ wrap. Not much else, but dammit I can eat the wrap!

Sadly, in my area they seem to have vanished. Which got me to thinking (about how methodical McDonald’s is…grrrrr…) how to make my own version. A healthier version. A version I could feel GOOD about eating! (I hope you all are whistling “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in the background cuz it really is THAT kinda moment…).

The following is what I came up with. Now I know some of you can’t do wraps and, trust me, I UNDERSTAND. This, I imagine, might be good without a starch. Just make yourself a lil’ flat burger and go to it!

The “Nik Wrap”

(makes 4 – cuz you know your kids and your hubby will want one)

First let’s meet our players:

Left to rght: Fit and Active Light Thousand Island Dressing (aka “special sauce”), an onion, Fit & Active multi-grain wrap, a bag of lettuce (actually spinach cuz I like it better) and pickles

So here’s what you do.

Step 1: Grill yourself up some burgers (I used turkey)


Step 2: Cut your wrap in HALF (cuz even the wonder pouch ain’t that damn wonderful)

Step 3: Load it up! Pictured here is the burger patty, my spinach greens (or lettuce if you prefer), 1/2 a slice of yellow American cheese, 2 rings of vidalia onion, 2 pickle slices and 1 tablespoon of Light Thousand Island)

Step 4: Let’s wrap this up! Literally! This…would be my hand by the way…

So let’s talk numbers, shall we:

The Mac Wrap: 330 calories

This version of the “Nik wrap”: 200 calories

That in addition to the fiber that’s in mine (from the wrap), lowfat meat (turkey instead of beef), and protein (from both the wrap AND the turkey). It almost feels like getting over on “the man” (whoever HE is…).

At any rate, make this!!! Now!!!

BF "Mac Attack!" - the "Nik Wrap"
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BF "Mac Attack!" - the "Nik Wrap"
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  1. This recipe is popular on lc forums. You can use lean ground beef or sub out ground turkey. The finished recipe can be eaten in your fav wrap or pita.

    Big Mac In A Bowl-2 servings
    1/2 lb hamburger
    2 cups shredded lettuce
    1 tbs dehydrated chopped onions
    10 dill pickle slices (chopped)
    2 slices american cheese
    3 tbs low carb Thousand Island dressing

    How To Prepare:
    Place dehydrated onions in a small cup of warm water to rehydrate.
    Place lettuce and pickles in a bowl.
    Brown hamburger over medium heat.
    Drain stir in cheese until melted. It should coat the hamburger.
    Immediately pour hot hamburger over salad and stir.
    Drain chopped onion, and stir into salad.
    I like to microwave my salad for a minute to warm everything up.
    Stir in Thousand Island dressing.


  2. Lisa,

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm not sure if you're aware that this blog is for people who have had weight loss surgery. So we can't typically eat that much. Our version is designed to fit in a surgically altered stomach.

    The recipe does sound quite yummy though and I appreciate you posting it!


  3. I had a RNY gastric bypass in 2000 lol. I just posted the recipe as written-the adaptions would be up to the individual. And I can easily eat half of this recipe so someone with wls can eat this recipe.


  4. Thanks Lisa,

    Just making sure. We've had our fair share of non-WLS folks come in posting comments so I have to make sure. Your salad is a good variation. I admit me and meat aren't always the best of friends so I tend to go for really little portions of meat. I get far too much of my protein from dairy!

    If you make this salad often, would you be willing to snap a pic and send to us? We like to post variations of dishes we share.


  5. in the 'players' field you said it was thousand island… but later on you said Russian. Are they the same?

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for pointing that out. Consistency is important. Russian/Thousand Island dressing isn't exactly the same. There are some subtle differences. They are similar enough, however, that either would work. For the purposes of consistency, however, I've changed the post so both references are the same. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to point that out!

  7. I made this tonight YUMMY!! I will only make a half one next time because I can only eat 1/4 used a veggie burger it was really good thanks for all the great recipes

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