BF Beginners: Strawberry Protein “Parfait”

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1 word: YUM!

I made a pretty cool discovery not too long ago. Y’all know I love to add Sugar Free Jello pudding mix to Greek Yogurt and protein shakes, right? (Side note for our newer readers: if you haven’t had my Better Than Sex dessert, that one is a must taste!) 
S’anyway! A couple weeks ago, I decided to give it a try with Sugar Free gelatin and just see what happened. 
At first I thought it might make the texture go all wonky because of the gelatin, but to my surprise, it works great! 
I used Strawberry here, but you could use whatever flavor you like, the possibilities are endless. Peach is yummy too, I had that one the other day. I use lots of strawberry and peach because both fruits are lower on the glycemic index and don’t impact your blood sugar as much as other fruits do, plus I just love their flavors!
This is a tasty meal for early-outs, and a nice protein dessert for those of us who are further out. Quick, easy and delicious, 3 of my favorite things! I called it a parfait because I like the word parfait. 
If you’re further out, you could always layer this with a protein bar chopped into pieces, like in my Daybreak Parfait, or add in some low sugar granola or Kashi Go Lean for some crunch factor to make it a true “parfait.”
For early post-ops, I would have this as is, except omit the fresh berries until you’re cleared for fresh fruit. This recipe makes 1 serving, multiply the ingredients by however many servings you need.
Here’s how it’s done:
Jen’s Strawberry Protein Parfait
2 oz (1/4 cup) plain Greek Yogurt
1 teaspoon strawberry Sugar Free Instant gelatin 
Sugar free sweetener, to taste (I used 2 packets of Splenda)
3 fresh strawberries (optional, depending on your post-op stage)
2 tablespoons sugar free whipped topping

In a bowl, combine the greek yogurt, protein powder, gelatin powder, sweetener and 1 1/2 tablespoons of the whipped topping. Whisk until thoroughly combined.
If you’re using the fresh berries, slice the berries and cut them into very small bite-sized pieces, reserving 1 slice for the garnish. 
Stir the berry pieces into the yogurt mixture until completely incorporated. Pour the mixture into a 4 ounce ramekin, top with the remaining 1/2 tablespoon of whipped topping and the strawberry slice. Enjoy!
BF Beginners: Strawberry Protein "Parfait"
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BF Beginners: Strawberry Protein "Parfait"
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  1. I’m wondering if Syntrax nectar powder will work for the jello? Haven’t tried much and I don’t know if it mixes well. I’m waiting on my surgery date as we speak.

    • You can certainly use protein powder if you wish but no, it’s not a direct replacement for the jello. Protein powder doesn’t react the same way as the gelatin does so the texture would be very different. But play with your food! You may like it better without gelatin.

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